2014: The Round Up

Happy Christmas readers! I hope you've all enjoyed the last few days of festivities. It's Boxing Day, or as I like to call it Trifle Comedown Day, I assume we're all hungover from food and feeling a bit lethargic. Here I am with my wordy end-of-year post to keep you entertained as you read this in bed on your iPad. I assume that's where you are, that's probably where I am at the time of publishing.

As this is my last post for the year, I thought I'd write a little retrospective and look at some of the highlights of my year, but first, let me tell you all about my December.

Doctor Who
It's the end of my Doctor Who 50th Anniversary calendar. Sad times. 
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How to Not Quit at Christmas

I wrote an article a couple of years ago about how I was planning on not stuffing up my healthy eating at Christmas, after a re-read I thought I should drag it out of the archives, refresh my memory and take some of my own advice during the next week or so.

Regent Street Christmas 1960
Regent Street, London. Christmas 1960. (source)

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Work Space in Home Space

It's rare that I have to do my day job from home, in fact I don't think I've worked from home since we had a snow day in January 2013.  I like going into the office as it puts me in a 'work' frame of mind.

However, as I moonlight as a writer, having a work space for that at home is pretty important these days. I've spent years occupying a little space at the dining table, balancing my laptop on my lap on the couch, or even using pillows as a desk in my bedroom. Don't get me wrong, it's comfy but also a little impractical!

Desk Bed Love Life Lexi
All the essentials: laptop, iPad, tea, Hobnobs

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Sherlock Holmes at the Museum of London

Last month I had one of my geeky museum days out. I love that London has so many museums and galleries and most don't charge for entry (unless it's a specific exhibit that you want to see) so it can be a really cheap but fun day out as long as you have a contactless debit card to beep your way in and out of tube stations (which I actually did that day, I used my debit card for every journey, and it worked!).

Sherlock Holmes Museum of London

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