The December Round-Up

Last post of the month and last post of the year, both on the same day! Well played Pope Gregory XIII, well played.


Did I really just make a Gregorian calendar joke? Why yes, yes I did. YOU'RE WELCOME. 

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Ditching the Diet: Finding Your Food Chill

Some of the questions I get asked the most when people want to talk about quitting the diet mentality are around the same theme, how have my eating habits changed?  My favourites are: 

So, do you just eat everything?
How do you know when to stop?
Do you just binge all the time?
Do you eat junk food all the time now you can?
I'd never stop eating! How do you make yourself stop?
I'd be obese by now if I stopped dieting, how have you not ballooned? 

Wow. It's a lot to take in but these are all questions that I had floating around in my head before I took this path, so I'm always happy to talk about it and address people's questions about life after dieting ends. 

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Derren Brown: Miracle

Last month I went to see one of my favourite mind-messers, Derren Brown, in his latest show Miracle

Having spent a considerable amount of my life hanging out with magicians, this was not my first rodeo. I have seen every live show that Derren has done. Oh yes, I proper love this shit.

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Going Minimal

Remember the post from the start of this year where I cleared out my wardrobe (which might as well have been at gunpoint, given how stressful it was) and then placed myself on a six-month spending ban? Well, you might be shocked to hear that the clearout and ban worked - it made me think about my belongings more, realistically assess what I need and then start the process of becoming minimal.

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The November Round-Up

Hello November, you were a brief month, I feel like I've barely seen you!

Baby, you're a fiiiiiiiirework! 

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Doctor Who Festival

Last weekend I went to the Doctor Who Festival in London.

Doctor Who Festival London 2015

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Hello lovely readers, I've been away to my spiritual home - Italy.

I'm using this as a good excuse to spam you with a few photos and write few words, basically I want another week off, so here's a little run down of my trip.

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Theatre Binge

I appear to have *accidentally* been to the theatre twice in the same week last month. That happens, right? 

Hammersmith Lyric is beautiful. Who knew? 

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The October Round-Up

That autumn feeling is rolling in isn't it? Quick! Put the heating on!

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Radical Self-Acceptance

I've heard this term a lot in my podcast and reading circle over recent months and it got stuck in my head. Self-acceptance is something I've been working hard on this year, but what's so radical about it?


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Why it's OK to get ALL THE FEELS from the Star Wars trailer

Allow me to set you a scene: 

It's Tuesday morning. 7am.
I am awake, in bed, switching my phone off airplane mode to wake my wifi up.
It's Star Wars trailer day. I know this because my friend and I were discussing it over messenger before bed.
I fire up my YouTube app, find the trailer and click the play button.

3 minutes later, I rewatch it. Jeez, my eyes are leaking!

I open up Twitter and Facebook and see what the world is saying about it, and to see if anyone else is a bundle of emotions like I am. 

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Being Spending Savvy

Earlier this year I put myself on a spending ban. It's not that I'm dangerous with my money; I live within my means, I've no debt and I have savings but I was getting to the point where I was all HAVE MONEY, WILL SPEND. 

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The Owls Are Not What They Seem

I've achieved a lot of my nerd life goals this year. I've run around the TARDIS console in my chucks at the Doctor Who Experience, I've been a character in Star Wars when I went to Secret Cinema and last month I freaked myself out and stood in the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks when I went to London's weirdest new pop-up dining and drinking experience The Owls Are Not What They Seem.

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Ditching the Diet Mentality

At the end of February I decided I was done with the diet mentality for good. I'd been dieting non-stop since I was twenty and on the run up to my birthday I decided that sixteen years was enough. I cannot face going towards forty still feeling like an uncomfortable teenager; pulling at my clothes and hiding my features. No more. It's ridiculous, I'm a grown woman and I will no longer take part in this ridiculous mindset. We're done, diets. You hear me? It's over.

The break up letter, with a little help from Taylor Swift

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The September Round-Up

I'm back from my blogging break with a HUGE post. Get ready to read!

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The August Round-Up

In simple terms: August has been bloody brilliant!


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Payday, Yayday!

Today I'm talking basketed browsing; the internet version of window shopping. The shopping you're forced to do in the run up to payday because you've spent all your fun money last month too fast. You can't buy, you can only look. The world is a big consumption tease that week, it's torturous. This was my entire final week of July - I spent ALL my money at Comic Con and had to be frugal. Booooo!

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London Film & Comic Con: Summer 2015

Brace yourself, it's going to be a big read! Last month I attended my favourite summer convention: London Film & Comic Con

LFCC Summer 2015

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The July Round-Up

It's a long one this month, brace yourselves and get comfy! I've done so much this month and writing it all up has been a task within itself.

I started this month by paying off my credit card. That card balance is relentless, but so is my social life so the cost just mounts up. I use my credit card for two things; ticket bookings and Paypal. I have booked tickets to events like a lunatic over the last 6 months, so paying that off has been a challenge. I feel like my word for this month should have been 'credit' as well as 'fun' as they kinda go hand in hand.

TRU DAT (source)

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Tips for Flying High & Travelling Light

Readers, let me tell about one of my traits that I'm incredibly proud of - I'm the queen of packing light when I travel. I can do an overnighter with just my satchel, I can do a long weekend with a small rucksack (hell, I did a long weekend at Comic Con with that rucksack and that involved TWO cosplay outfits!) and my personal best - a week in Italy with a holdall. Yep, I did 7 days with just hand luggage. I travel light. 


Hand luggage weight limits vary on airlines (you can compare on this hand luggage allowances table) but they tend to have set sizes that your hand luggage has to be in order for them to fit in the overhead lockers on the plane, which makes perfect sense. I check before I travel and then tend to stick to the one-holdall-and-a-satchel-to-carry-my-iPad-in rule.

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I've recently thought a lot about identity, how we identify ourselves, others and how others identify us. I hate being labelled and yet I do it to myself indirectly all the time.

Have you ever tried to sit down and describe yourself in one word? I don't mean airy adjectives, I mean how do you describe yourself to someone who doesn't know you when you first meet them. What's on your Twitter profile? Who are you?

marshallexi on Twitter

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Whose Line is it Anyway?

Some people have bucket lists full of things they want to do in life, I prefer to keep mine simple; if it's something I've always promised myself I'll do one day (usually from when I was very young) and I'm in a financial position to do it - I do it. That's it.

My range casts far and wide; so this year it's going to see Madonna again, buying a ticket to see Jason Dovovan's tour next year (10 year old Alex is so excited about this that she fangirl hyperventilates in my head frequently) and it's what I did last weekend, I went to go see a live performance of Whose Line is it Anyway? at the Adelphi Theatre in London. 

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Review: Mi Band

I'm a bit of fitness tracker nerd. Over the years I've had pedometers, a HRM and a Nike+ sportsband. My last and most used item of sports tech was my Fitbit Zip, which I wrote about here. Fitbits are great pieces of kit. You can customise your goals on them, they look quite sharp, you can sync them with calorie tracking apps and you can have a competitive league table of friends to pit yourself against.

Mi Band Review UK

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The June Round-Up

It's been a tempestuous month in Lexiland. But at least the sun came out and that brought my summer wardrobe with it.

Crocs FlipFlops and Ray Bans
The world is a nicer place when I get to wear flip flops

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Product Review: Go Figa

Many people will tell you that one of the great things about being a blogger is the freebies that you're offered to review on a regular basis. I'm not really one for freebies or reviews (as I explained in this post) but when I got an email from a PR company offering a product for review which weirdly enough I already had in my online basket ready for purchase, it seemed foolhardy not to accept. 

The product is a superfood blend called Go Figa; created by Rick Hay. 

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More Mindfulness Musings

More wordy rappinghood in this post about mindfulness with food, intuitive eating and the hypnosis I'm using to assist with both these things. Get comfy and read on.

EasyLoss Bikini Body App

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Symphony & Speech

Last week I had two nights out seeing live events in Leeds. 

Leeds Skyline Dusk

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The May Round-Up

Well, there goes May. That was a really quick month, right? 

Me & LEGO Chewie. I did my last trip to NYC right!

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The Secrets of Eternal Youth

Last month, I posted this photo on Instagram:

Alex Marshall on Instagram

and the comments started to flow:

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The Ambivert

I'd never describe myself as an introvert. To me, introversion has always had some negative connotations, with reason, as it appears the educational and working world see introversion as a negative quality which you can be coached out of or at the very least, put on a brave face; a 'fake it until you make it' attitude.

I wouldn't ever have thought of myself as an introvert; I like being in the middle of a group, I like talking loudly, I studied drama for my degree, was an active member of the performing arts and entertainments societies at uni, my business presentations are always critiqued as 'confident', I can act, sing and dance on stage without blinking, I never got stage fright, I rarely got pre-show nerves (I just got that crazy rush of endorphins afterwards), I hold meetings weekly at work and have been invited back to a job interview once because 'she's the best interviewee you'll ever see' (seriously, someone said that about me!) - none of these are the signs of introversion. 

Who is an Ambivert?
Textbook ENFJ, allegedly. Now shush.

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Learning Mindfulness With Food

This post is a follow on my last ramblings about weight loss, hypnotherapy, my relationship with food and the diet mentality. I'm going to be honest, I'm way past focussing on weight loss now and onto a whole new path, which is exciting and new. Ready for a new ramble? Get comfy and read on.

February ticked over as easily as January did. I was getting on fine with the hypnosis and being mindful. By the end I’d lost another couple of pounds but something had bothered me all month … I was yet to get started on the one goal I’d set my mind to this year:  sorting out my eating situation once and for all. I'd promised myself at the start of the year I'd deal with this during March. Happy birthday to me! 

Diet Mentality
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The April Round-up

I swear, I blinked and it was the 17th April. Where do all the nice spring months go? Thankfully we've another long weekend in the UK now. I love April and May for all their Bank Holidays. 

Gunnersbury Park, London
Gunnersbury Park is my happy place

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Recipe: Chia Seed Pudding

I'm a fan of breakfast. In fact if I can have two of those and a late lunch, I rarely need dinner. Breakfast is without a doubt my favourite meal of the day and I like to consume a hefty amount of calories in the mornings to get me on my way. 

Chocolate Chia Seed Pud
Multitasking: eating breakfast, working & thinking about what's for lunch 
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New Who - Ten Year Anniversary

New Who celebrated ten years since it graced our screens in March, as a Whovian it's been a great ten years.

Gawd, even my Eccleston Titan Figure looks nonplussed 
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The Doctor Who Experience

It was my birthday last month. I have this rule that I never work on my birthday (it's MY day, no one else is having my time) so I always plan a day out somewhere fun. This year I decided to go where any respecting 36 year old nerd would go to celebrate - Cardiff to the Doctor Who Experience. 

Doctor Who Experience Cardiff Bay 2015
I am as excited as I look. Maybe more. 
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Dealing with Anxiety

2015 so far has been the year where I make some decisions and get my act together. I made a commitment to myself at the start of 2015 that I would deal with some things that had been bothering me for quite some time and resolve them by the time my birthday arrived.

March rolled around, my deadline was looming and I'd started to make some changes. The changes awoke in me something I've rarely dealt with in the past and therefore I had no coping strategy for it - anxiety.


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The March Round-up

Oh March. It's always a month of growth and reflection, but I guess that's just what birthdays do to you!

Love Life Lexi

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For the Love of Madonna

One of my friends said he was watching the Brit Awards this year with his teenage daughter, which sparked a discussion about if Madonna was still relevant in this day. 

Then she stacked it, daughter pointed at the screen and said 'case in point - she's too old for this!'. He told me about this, my face dropped in absolute horror and I said of 'course she's still relevant to music today, that's like saying The Beatles aren't relevant!'

My love for this woman runs deep and spans decades
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5 Years Time

I chose this title because I love the cute Noah & The Whale song (because who doesn't love a ukulele?) but it's also next week it's been five years since I started blogging.

My first blog! I'm still so proud of all the work I put into this place.

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My Favourite Podcasts

I love podcasts. I listen to podcasts these days more than I do music. They keep me company on my commute, teach me new things and make me laugh. If that's not a great and worthwhile way to pass 90 minutes of my day, then I don't know what is.

If you're not familiar with podcasts, they're basically programmes in audio format. They can be on a particular topic (like a talk show), a comedy (quiz or stand up), a story (like an audio book) or music. The possibilities with podcasts are endless ... and the best thing? They're free. Soooooo much amazing content which is free and waiting for you to download. Amazing right? 

Don't know where to start? Need some suggestions on what to download first? I can help. I listen to podcasts which cover a very broad spectrum of topics. These are some of my current favourites. Titles are in bold, enter those into your podcast search and you'll find them. Subscribe and enjoy!

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The February Round-Up

February has been a very weird month. I was so keen to see the back of January (as, yanno, it felt three months long) but then by the time I sat down and breathed in February we were almost at the end. I know it's a short month, but wow, I'm writing this and it's payday already.

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How to Have a Virtual Vacation

Occasionally I am fiercely antisocial. I don’t know if I use up all of my positivity and enthusiasm allocation for a time period, or I just get too tired / stressed to interact with people outside work, or I just get drained by some people, but when all and/or any of these things occur I shut down. Communication ceases and, not to be too Greta Garbo about it, I want to be alone

You know how there was that study into why cats love boxes so much and it turns out it's because they like a little space of their own to chill out in? That's me. I'm a stressed cat. I need my box to hang out in every once in a while.


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I'm Writing About Periods. Deal With It.

Last month Heather Watson, British tennis player ‘crashed’ out of the Australian Open and explained her performance being off in the post-match post-mortem like this:

I think it’s just one of these things that I have, girl things.”

Heather Watson Australian Open 2015

... and the sporting world had a meltdown.  Did a female athlete just blame a poor performance on having *gasp* her period?

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How to Declutter your Wardrobe in a Ruthless Manner

I had a very quiet January, mostly because I was broke after my beauty shop, so I decided to use a free weekend to get something productive, time consuming but necessary, done.

I cleared out my wardrobe.

Cher's wardrobe, Clueless
Oh Cher, I feel your pain. 

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The January Round-Up

Another Doctor Who calendar to punctuate these posts? I do think so!

Doctor Who Desk Calendar 2015 January

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Mind Over Fatter

I love it when things come back into fashion with weight loss, it means I can drag old posts out of my archives and have a re-read and re-plug. This month, I'm talking about hypnotism, which I've written about previously in terms of weight loss here. I'm a massive fan of hypnotism when it comes to things like weight loss, quitting smoking and so forth; they're incredibly helpful if you can get yourself into the right mindset to use them. With that thought in mind, I pre-ordered myself a Kindle version of Anna Richardson's Mind Over Fatter to have go at as the New Year started (release date: 1st January 2015).

Mind Over Fatter Anna Richardson Does it work?
Inspiration photo, the book and the downloads

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For the Love of Shopping

It wouldn't be January without a post about shopping in the sales, would it?

Shopping is my cardio

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My Style Icons

I've spent a good few hours of the last month pratting about on Pinterest. As well as a well stocked geeky board, my fashion board is looking good,  and recently I've started a make-up one too. This all started from a discussion with my best friend whilst watching Made in Chelsea

We both agreed on why we like MIC; the overall look of the show is nice, it's well made (despite being riddled with product placement these days) and most of all we like the style within. It's a different animal to the TOWIE crowd; no fake tans, less hair extensions and body mods, clothes I would actually wear - basically it's a nice little style book for me. Stephanie Pratt is someone who executes the kind of make-up I like perfectly; her colouring is quite close to mine so one episode with her in it and I had a list of lipsticks that I want to buy next. 

This got me thinking about my style icons; who they are and why I look to them for inspiration at times. Behold: a collage of lovely ladies! 

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Brian & Robin's Christmas Compendium of Reason (2014)

Christmas is one of those times when traditions come into force. In the last 12 months I've started a new one; spending in a night in December at the Hammersmith Apollo at Brian & Robin's Christmas Compendium of Reason. Nothing celebrates the birth of Christ quite like 4 hours of science, comedy and music hosted by Robin Ince and Professor Brian Cox.

Brian & Robin's Christmas Compendium 2014 Hammersmith Apollo

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