For the Love of Shopping

It wouldn't be January without a post about shopping in the sales, would it?

Shopping is my cardio


As I'll explain later, I've been pretty strict with my sale shopping this season, mostly because I don't need more stuff and also I was saving for a beauty shop. Clothes was my smallest spend this time around. 

I treated myself to a Lady V London dress before Christmas (sales start well early!) which was reduced to £35 

Lady V London Dress Teal Butterflies

Mine is actually blue, as opposed to teal one you see here, but the print and design is the same. I bought a size 14 which means it fits great on the bottom but the top is waaaay too big. It's nothing I can't fix with some tailoring darts in the bodice and shoulders though. 

Speaking of teal, MOAR CONVERSE!

Converse Mid-tops Teal

Neither hi-tops or low-tops be! These are mid-tops and were reduced to £29. I've been after a pair of teal ones for a year, so I was delighted when these were in stock in my size and cheap! 

And for when I take my ass to the gym ... 

Skins A200 compression pants

I'm down to one pair of CW-X compression pants (which are a little tight, thanks Christmas) and I was loathed to spend £60 again, Skins get great reviews online so for £30 I figured they were worth a go. They're HEAVENLY. I genuinely feel naked when I'm wearing them, they are so comfy. I am converted. 


As in previous years, I had my post-Christmas trip to Whole Foods (and a bonus New Year one too) and I discovered some amazing new things. 

Maca Hot Chocolate

I've paired these too up because they go so well together. I'll start with the Hot Chocolate. It's a pain in the arse trying to find dairy-free hot chocolate drinks, I thought I was destined for a life of Nesquik (despite all the bloody sugar) but then I spotted this stuff. It's only got a handful of ingredients in it and none of them are sugar, it's sweetened with banana. I'm not a fan of bananas but the taste isn't too strong, so it works well for me and it's got hormone-balancing maca in it! The milk is the most delicious dairy-free milk that I've found. It tastes a bit like hazelnut butter (which is what replaced Nutella for me - turns out it's the nutty flavour I love, not the chocolate) so it's ideal for me. It's not as low-cal as unsweetened almond milk but for a hot chocolate or an indulgent protein shake, it's perfect. 

(I put the hot chocolate in porridge too - that worked wonderfully!) 

Maca Hot Chocolate Porridge
Maca Hot Chocolate Porridge with Hazelnut Butter and Dates

And while we're on the subject of milk ...

Rebel Kitchen Choc Orange Mylk Dairy Free

I've had the regular Chocolate Mylk from the chaps at Rebel Kitchen before but never the Choc Orange one and it's delicious! I have one carton left and I'm hoarding it for when I really need a sweet fix. 

Honorable mention to Waitrose who finally stocked ice cream that I can eat! 

Almond Dream Salted Caramel Ice Cream Dairy Free

Salted caramel too! GLEE!!!


This is where the money went this time around. I've held off buying a lot of beauty products over recent months, as I know what I like and I tend to stick to it, but I did need some repurchases to replenish stocks and I promised myself a fancy lipstick.

I started slowly, with some Body Shop Lipbalms. 

Body Shop Lipbalm

I lost another lipbalm over Christmas, so it was time to buy some more. I've had the Coconut one before (which I love - hello, nuts, obvs), I've smelled the Chocomania ones MANY times but never purchased (OMGggg, this range smells and tastes exactly like chocolate) and as they were on 3 for 2, I bought a Pink Grapefruit one too (it's another favourite flavour of mine). I'm stocked up for months now, as long as I don't lose any more on the London Underground. 

My friend Rachel came to see me last weekend for some shopping on Regent's/ Carnaby / Oxford Street/s and as I'd saved my pennies, a beauty blow-out happened in Selfridges: 

MAC Stila Chanel

First up; Make Up Store Eye make up remover. I'd never tried this brand before but after reading the ingredients, trying the product on my skin, I figured it was worth a purchase. It looks like a liquid but comes out in a foam - great for removing stubborn eyeliner! 

Next up were two repurchases; MAC Pressed Blot Powder (I wear Medium) which is the only one my skin will tolerate these days and my beloved Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (I wear the super black one) which I find does the best tricks and flicks ever and stays on ALL DAY (hence the need for a good eye make up remover!).

My treat, Chanel Rouge Allure Lip Colour in Coromandel. One that I saw in my best friends make up bag last year and fell in love with. Finally, a red I can wear with my deep coloured lips and pink skin! It was worth the wait and the price tag.

Chanel Rouge Allure Coromandel

And finally ... 

You didn't expect a shopping post without me buying something nerdy, did you?

Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit

HARRY POTTER TRIV! I was so happy to find this and it was only a tenner! It's film based and it seemed pretty easy, but I had just spent a week watching back-to-back Potter films, so I think I need to play it again in a couple of months and see how good my spells knowledge is then. 

Reeses Peanut Butter Snowman
720 calories of delicious filth

And what would my life be without peanut butter? My Reese's Snowman was on sale in Tesco, reduced from £5 to £1.25. Now that's a sale bargain I like! 

I'm spending the rest of January having a very strict clothing clear out in my wardrobe (hence the lack of spending), so there may be some more shopping in the late spring sales but for now ... I AM DONE. 


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