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I've spent a good few hours of the last month pratting about on Pinterest. As well as a well stocked geeky board, my fashion board is looking good,  and recently I've started a make-up one too. This all started from a discussion with my best friend whilst watching Made in Chelsea

We both agreed on why we like MIC; the overall look of the show is nice, it's well made (despite being riddled with product placement these days) and most of all we like the style within. It's a different animal to the TOWIE crowd; no fake tans, less hair extensions and body mods, clothes I would actually wear - basically it's a nice little style book for me. Stephanie Pratt is someone who executes the kind of make-up I like perfectly; her colouring is quite close to mine so one episode with her in it and I had a list of lipsticks that I want to buy next. 

This got me thinking about my style icons; who they are and why I look to them for inspiration at times. Behold: a collage of lovely ladies! 

The new generation: Stephanie Pratt, Britney Spears, Lauren Conrad 

Stephanie I mentioned above and Lauren is in a very similar vein as I fell for her style from watching The Hills (yes, all 6 seasons, don't judge!). She's produced a couple of good look books too (Style and Beauty) which I love as she's been a great source of coaching for my beloved winged eyeliner! Britney is more of a long-standing love story, as I've been a career-long fan and even though her look has been through some challenges (let's not discuss 2007), she still manages to come out looking good. What I get from these three are faces shaped from natural brows, waved locks, sun kissed blonde hair and classic clothing styles given a fresh, young twist. 

The modern-day muses: Kate Winslet, Scarlett Johansson, Christina Hendricks, Gillian Anderson

Where do I start? I clearly remember going to a fancy dress event many years ago dressed as Kate's character from Titanic, she just looked so glamourous. Scarlett is my girl-crush and she inspires me to be proud of my pout; there were many times when I was younger that I wished I didn't have the lips I have (mostly thanks to cruel comments from others) but seeing someone show naturally full-lips off with a slick of good colour and a big smile works wonders for me (I've never been prouder of my pout than I have in the last few years, lips are definitely back in fashion). Mad Men is totally responsible for my Christina Hendricks worshipping; not only is the fashion in that show right up my street but I love that Christina is so body confident and passionate about not changing the way she looks to please the industry. She's frequently said that she could lose 10lbs, but why should she bother? Quite right Christina, quite right. Gillian Anderson is one that set off my style radar at age 15 when when I was very into The X Files. Very. There may have been red hair dye at certain points of my teenage years. Gillian resurfaced into my life in recent years in Hannibal as Bedelia; who has the most beautiful hair in tv ever. What I get from these incredible women is to enhance your best features; make eyes shaped and coloured neutral, never forget your eyeliner for some retro glamour and bring on the bright, bold lipsticks to show off my amazing pout. 

The classics: Veronica Lake, Marilyn Monroe

Oh these two. I don't even know where to start with these two. Veronica is the creator of what I call the 'Jessica Rabbit hair' look; long, waved, with a peek-a-boo eye thing going on underneath it all. I have an old blurry photo of me with my hair and lash extensions in giving my best Veronica, she just exuded sophistication and glamour.

Marilyn, on the other hand, is a different kind of style icon for me. Not only did she have a gorgeous figure but my favourite photos of Marilyn are candids; where she'd wearing little-to-no make up, you can see her freckles and she's got the biggest smile on her face. That's natural beauty and something all of us should be proud to own. 

I have a thing for blondes, don't I? Not only do I appear to have a type but I also appear to have a definite look that I like to aspire to - stylish but sensible, natural but polished. I'm good with that.

You can follow my beauty, fashion and amazing geek boards on Pinterest. Show me your inspiration and style icons too!
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