The January Round-Up

Another Doctor Who calendar to punctuate these posts? I do think so!

Doctor Who Desk Calendar 2015 January

I know I say this every year, but January YOU SUCK. Every year I hope it'll be the year where I survive January and not want to punch things but no, this one was just the same as all the others. I think I got until the 21st until I lost all hope and couldn't wait for the month to end. The fact that this post is publishing is so exciting; as it means that there's only one more day left in the month. THANK FUCKING GOD. I either need to be permitted to hibernate or leave the country and go somewhere warm for the last two weeks of the month - I am making a note of this for next year. 

Here's what I got up to this month. 

The Christmas holidays ran into the first week of January so I had time for some days out with my friends. We went to the Gothic Exhibition at the British Library (I'd never been there before, so that was a neat thing to do)

British Library Gothic

I had a lunch and geek shopping trip with two of my comic con buddies, we've already booked our tickets and hotel for the whole weekend at LFCC in July and we are VERY excited about it!

LFCC 2015 tickets

I watched my Harry Potter bluray boxset in it's entirety - all the extras discs too - which I loved, the interviews on it are great. 

And then I went back to work. Work has been particularly taxing this month as our office has had minimal heating. It got so bad that a couple of weeks ago three of us got backache. This did not help my seasonal effective disorder as when the minus temperatures appeared I was cold all day (I even took a blanket in to wear at my desk OVER three layers of clothes), had a lot of trouble warming up when I did get home, it's still dark on the evenings (but is slowly getting lighter) and many evenings I just gave up before dinner and put myself to bed to get warm. It's not been pleasant, there has been sulking. 

Cold cat is cold
This is what I've looked like most days this month

Authentic Weather App
And this is why. 

The one thing that has been good (and I think this did me a lot of favours) is that my eating has been great, mostly thanks to my hypnotherapy and a lot of green smoothies. I will do another post about my hypnotherapy at some point in the future, just to let you know how I've been getting on. 

Green Smoothie Wanker

Green Smoothie Wanker

I've had a green smoothie every day in January and I think my skin is looking amazing due to it. 

In other fun things, my friend Rachel came to visit for a shopping trip and we went to DSTRKT for dinner. 

DSTRKT Piccadilly Made in Chelsea
Champagne, shrimp & grits, steak and s'mores. Yum.

I ate new things that night, I'd never had grits before but I loved them (it's nestled under the shrimp).

I've spent the rest of my January downsizing my wardrobe, clearing out clutter from lots of drawers and whittling down my make up storage to only contain stuff I actually use. I know a few people who are looking to do a declutter for springtime, so I've written a blog post all about my decluttering adventures, so look out for that next week. 

How to declutter your wardrobe
This is what I got rid of this month. Maybe a little more.

I've spent a lot of my weekends having long baths (how very Blanche DuBois). I've never really liked baths that much, I think it's because I had to have them as a child as we didn't have a shower in our 1970's avocado green bathroom in my family home, so showers became the new thing for me. I'm also allergic to a lot of products (even mentioning Lush products to me brings me out in a rash) so I've always seen baths as a bit of a waste of time. In December I went to my mum's for a weekend for some TLC as I was feeling a bit sad, and when I was sat on my bedroom floor crying she told me to get myself in the bath and not come out until I felt better. I've no idea how baths do that, but my god, you feel so much better afterwards! I've bought myself a huge bag of epsom salts and Sunday baths are my new thing. Relaxing and listening to the Friday Night Comedy podcast from Radio 4. It's heavenly. 

My book of the month has been the audio book of Amy Poehler's Yes Please: 

Amy Poehler Yes Please Audible
Considering listening to this forever

This is so fantastic. The book alone is so wonderful (I wish Amy could take over as the voice in my head, she makes everything funny and sensible, she's so wise) but the audio book has lots of guest readers (including Kathleen Turner and Patrick Stewart) plus some of her SNL team and Parks & Rec. It's wonderful. I've already started it again for another listen and, thanks to the preface, she's given me some great ideas on what my next Audible download should be. I can't recommend it enough. 

February is going to be a busy month in my life, but as usual, that won't slow this blog down. I've got a couple of big wordy articles coming up in February and hopefully a YouTube video, if I can get my act together enough to record something! 

Let's just quietly rejoice in the end of this hell of a month, yes? Goodbye January, you'll not be missed.

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