The February Round-Up

February has been a very weird month. I was so keen to see the back of January (as, yanno, it felt three months long) but then by the time I sat down and breathed in February we were almost at the end. I know it's a short month, but wow, I'm writing this and it's payday already.

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How to Have a Virtual Vacation

Occasionally I am fiercely antisocial. I don’t know if I use up all of my positivity and enthusiasm allocation for a time period, or I just get too tired / stressed to interact with people outside work, or I just get drained by some people, but when all and/or any of these things occur I shut down. Communication ceases and, not to be too Greta Garbo about it, I want to be alone

You know how there was that study into why cats love boxes so much and it turns out it's because they like a little space of their own to chill out in? That's me. I'm a stressed cat. I need my box to hang out in every once in a while.


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I'm Writing About Periods. Deal With It.

Last month Heather Watson, British tennis player ‘crashed’ out of the Australian Open and explained her performance being off in the post-match post-mortem like this:

I think it’s just one of these things that I have, girl things.”

Heather Watson Australian Open 2015

... and the sporting world had a meltdown.  Did a female athlete just blame a poor performance on having *gasp* her period?

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How to Declutter your Wardrobe in a Ruthless Manner

I had a very quiet January, mostly because I was broke after my beauty shop, so I decided to use a free weekend to get something productive, time consuming but necessary, done.

I cleared out my wardrobe.

Cher's wardrobe, Clueless
Oh Cher, I feel your pain. 

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