The February Round-Up

February has been a very weird month. I was so keen to see the back of January (as, yanno, it felt three months long) but then by the time I sat down and breathed in February we were almost at the end. I know it's a short month, but wow, I'm writing this and it's payday already.

January ended (eventually) in a nice way. I did 31 days of green smoothies:

I'm still going on the green smoothies too, I think I've only missed 3 days in February.

I completed what I refer to as my Shelf of Geek - the one that holds all my Titan Doctors: 

It's not totally complete, I want more monsters up there but there's no rush. The War Doctor one is my new favourite, it's such a good likeness for John Hurt. My friend sent me the print on the bottom right of this photo - it's been given pride of place in my hallway by said shelf.

February started with snow!

Well, one day of snow in London and then it was gone. It started a really cold month but it's been so nice to see longer evenings appear and being able to walk home from work in daylight. In the last week I've seen snowdrops and crocus flowers appearing in the park, the milder temperatures and sunshine have been working their magic.


I went to Birmingham shopping and didn't spend a damn thing over my budget. No new clothes, no new make up, nothing. I was very impressed with myself. I am lining up things to buy with birthday money next month, which is allowed, right?

I started working on some more cosplay ideas for con this year, which of course meant pratting about with wigs: 

I sent my passport away to get renewed:

My first lot of photos (see above) got instantly rejected as I have a side fringe. Even though I was only getting a renewal and I haven't changed much (in a decade, well done my skincare routine!) if there is any hair covering any part of your face the application might get rejected by UKBA. I decided to get more photos done there and then - the blessing being that morning I'd remembered to put make up on, on the previous photo day I had not. Silver linings! That did make me switch my hair parting over though. I've gone back to middle as my side fringe is growing out and I'm not planning on cutting it back in. My passport came back renewed 10 days later. That has to be some kind of record.

I bought myself a selfie stick. Yeah, yeah, call me a wanker. I don't care!

I discovered the 9Bar Indulge range, which are delicious. I bought myself a mixed box and the cocoa & raspberry ones are by far the best in my opinion: 

I went a bit mad for Biona Supergreens Powders as they've been half price all month. The cocoa one is wonderful stirred into porridge and a great way to up your nutrients in a couple of spoonfuls.

And finally - Pancake Day!

I made mine dairy free with some maca hot chocolate powder in the mix. I made a stack sandwiched together with Dark Chocolate Dreams and topped with some ground almonds. They were delicious. 

It's been a busy writing month too. Lots of you got in touch to say you were inspired by my decluttering article and have been cleaning out your wardrobes. A lot of your shared my article about periods and menstrual cups, which I'm really delighted about as I'd toyed with that particular topic for years and never had the stones to publish something about it, and last week I wrote about giving yourself a switch off from the virtual world - something which I have been doing over the last two weeks as I needed a bit of a rest. I'm ending the month with my first cold in a year, so clearly I need to relax more and give myself a break. 

Book wise; I read Hadley Freeman's Be Awesome, which is a wonderfully empowering and funny read: 

It alerted me to the amount of rubbish out there that is written under the umbrella of feminism and really, really isn't feminism at all. Luckily I think we're smarter than to get sucked into such nonsense and rise above all that crap.

I started on Tina Fey's audiobook too:

March is looking busy, super busy compared to my self-indulgent February. I've got a busy diary and a busy blog, lots of goings-on. 

February has felt like a compounding month; like I've been using everything I learned and took on in January to right myself into the new year. I know everyone treats January like the new start but to me it's the month to get your new start in place and February is where you do all the real work; maintaining a routine, looking after yourself just as much and making plans for the year ahead. February is tough though; every year I feel this way and never seem to remember it! I often feel like the Chinese New Year is my starting point for the year, and this year that's even more appropriate because it's the Year of the Goat - which is the year I was born in.

As a Goat myself, this means I should have a very healthy year but I should be careful with my finances. Green smoothies and a spending ban, you say? Clever Lexi.

So, if you've been struggling with a new start, make this your new year too. It's never too late to start over afresh. 

I've decided March is going to be my empowering month. I like to pick a word to define my months, a few bloggers I know have done this and I think it provides a good focus; January was mostly to nourish myself. February was to compound my behaviours. March is going to be about empowering myself. I'm looking to enjoy myself, spend time with the ones I love, write with passion and fill myself with positive energy. The longer evenings, warmer temperatures and more sunshine are helping with that already. Hey, it's my birthday month too, which is always wonderful. 

I'm ready for some energy, let's shake this February off.


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