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I love podcasts. I listen to podcasts these days more than I do music. They keep me company on my commute, teach me new things and make me laugh. If that's not a great and worthwhile way to pass 90 minutes of my day, then I don't know what is.

If you're not familiar with podcasts, they're basically programmes in audio format. They can be on a particular topic (like a talk show), a comedy (quiz or stand up), a story (like an audio book) or music. The possibilities with podcasts are endless ... and the best thing? They're free. Soooooo much amazing content which is free and waiting for you to download. Amazing right? 

Don't know where to start? Need some suggestions on what to download first? I can help. I listen to podcasts which cover a very broad spectrum of topics. These are some of my current favourites. Titles are in bold, enter those into your podcast search and you'll find them. Subscribe and enjoy!

Nutrition & Wellbeing:

Quick and Dirty Tips are a great site and I listen to a few of their contributors, but Nutrition Diva is my favourite. Great content and usually less than 10 minutes long.

Heather at Half Size Me is a much longer podcast of interviews with people who have been on significant weight loss or healthy journeys. Interesting and inspiring.

Happy Health Chat is a relatively new podcast from two health coaches - Laura and Kezia. It's a really chatty and informative podcast which is enjoyable to listen to.


Answer Me This is what you think it is - a show which answers all kinds of random questions set by listeners. Really, REALLY funny,

The Smartest Man in the World is the Greg Proops podacst, usually recorded live with an audience (I've been to one of his recordings) and it's a mix of his stories, current affairs, feminism and politics. With vodka-based vodka beverages.

Friday Night Comedy on Radio 4 is either The Now Show or The New Quiz. Both brilliant and satirical.

Simon Mayo's Confessions is the podcast of the weeks confessions from the drive time show on Radio 2. I miss them as I'm usually coming home from work when they're on, so this is my catch up.

Of Relevance to my Geeky Interests: 

The Infinate Monkey Cage from Radio 2 is my science podcast of choice. It usually has a great guest panel and Robin Ince is my touchstone; he knows as much about science as I do and therefore I feel comfortable with him as a host surrounded by professors, with their big words and stuff.

No Such Thing as a Fish is the podcast of the QI Elves and is based upon 4 facts each week which turns into a bit of a light hearted and funny discussion. I learn stuff and laugh at the same time.

The Allusionist is another new podcast and it's from the brains of Helen (from Answer Me This). A nice short podcast (around 10 minutes) about Helen's love of words and language.

3 Bods 1 Pod is my favourite geeky podcast. Some of it is entirely irrelvant to my interests (as I'm not a gamer) but the rest of the stuff about films, tv and conventions I'm all over.

Other Random Listens: 

Another from the Proopdawg - Greg Proops Film Club. It's an intro, you watch the film (you can do this at home) and then listen to the other half of the podcast. 

Grain of Truths is an Aussie audio panel show which is somewhere between QI and Call My Bluff. It's comedian and academic central, so it's right up my strasse.

Annie Mac's Mini Mix is a 5 minute mix tape from either Annie or one of her guests. I don't do many dance music downloads, but this one is usually so good and a good uplifting quick listen. 

Illusionist Productions are Doctor Who audio adventures written and performed by fans. Aussie in origin and great fun to listen to if you're a Whovian like me.


I've put audio books in here too as I'm growing my collection of them. I've tried to listen to fiction and I have great trouble so I decided to focus my Audible subscription on non-fiction. I think if I talk about Amy Poehler's book once more people are going to get angry (but it's sooooooo good, she's amazing) I'm currently listening to Tina and I've just purchased Mindy too. I love funny women.

So, that's what I like putting in my ears. I hope I've given you some inspiration to try a podcast or two this week. 

Got any more suggestions for me? Tweet me @marshallexi.
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1 comment:

  1. Howdy! I must suggest Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast -

    An interesting look into other comedians lives, constant in jokes and Herrings childish comedy style make this a great listen.

    His ethos to do this all on his own and being true to himself by following his passion and making his own path always shine through.

    The curious orange references are also massive plus point...