The March Round-up

Oh March. It's always a month of growth and reflection, but I guess that's just what birthdays do to you!

Love Life Lexi

I started the month with the word empowerment in my head, and you know, it was exactly what I needed this month. I needed to sit myself down, give myself some breathing space and clear my ever-so-busy head. 

I dealt with my first big bout of anxiety, something I've never had to deal with before, but I've written all about it, so expect that article to land next week.

Love Life Lexi anxiety

I had a quick trip North to see my folks, we were all full of the cold from hell, so we didn't do much but I was fine with that. 

Love Life Lexi

I upgraded my phone and had to get myself some new covers - nerdy ones, naturally.

TARDIS Doctor Who iPhone 6 case

R2D2 iphone 6 case

The later evenings finally are here! Sunsets on the way home from work became my new favourite thing. 

Sunset over Ealing

I started making chia pudding-overnight oat mash-ups for breakfast. I love these little power pots! 

Chia Pudding Pot

I bought myself a ticket to see Madonna in December. I wasn't going to but one day Madonna won't be performing anymore and I won't have the opportunity to see her. So while I have the time, the money and the means, I'm off to dance in the o2 for an evening. CARPE DIEM, YOU GUYS. I wrote this article about my favourite Madonna albums and why she's so important to me. 

I did some birthday celebrating (I turned 36, yikes!) and I got some really nice cards & gifts:

Doctor Who Experience Cardiff

Had a couple of days in Cardiff where I went to my spiritual home (this is going to get a whole blog post to itself in a couple of week, don't you worry!)

Best day out ever ever ever EVER!!
With the 10 year New Who anniversary looming, I forsee many Doctor Who posts appearing on this page. Stay tuned!

I went to see Train at the o2 with my girls, they were fantastic!

Train o2 London 2015 Tour

and finally, my best friend is coming down this weekend. WOOHOO! 

Love Life Lexi
A very old, drunk and hilarious photo of us. We're amazing.

In other news; I've done a lot of podcast listening this month. I told you all about some of my favourite podcasts and since then I've found even more! I've spent a lot of my free time this month with either my head in a book or listening to podcasts (sorry to all my friends who have put up with me opening every conversation with 'So I heard this TED Talk podcast ...')

love life lexi

I wrote an article about my blogging experiences over the last 5 years and I spotted this last week:

Alex Marshall Love Life Lexi

OVER 1.1 MILLION VIEWS ON GOOGLE+! I hear from a lot of people that Google+ is a bit of a dead tool - but I beg to differ! I get so much traffic from Google+ and I love it.

I also looked at the geographical make up of my readers this month - 57% of you are in the US and 37% are in the UK, that's some big US numbers! Hello to all my readers from across that big pond!

I discovered a couple of new beauty products:

Love Life Lexi

The Micellar Water is a game changer - goodbye eye make up remover  - and the Smashbox Primer is a new formula to the one I've had previously, but it's lovely and moisturising, perfect for under my concealer. 

Wow, reading that back is a bit overwhelming, did I really do all that? I need a rest! 


April is looking like a much quieter month, which right now, after all that I feel like I need! I'm hopefully going to catch up with some friends that I haven't seen for a long time over the coming weeks, which will be really nice. I think it might be time to thaw (unfreeze sounds wrong) my gym membership for the next month too.

I need a word for April. I think it's going to be Present. The year is marching on (PUN LOLS!) and for a couple of weeks this month I felt like I lost momentum entirely. I've taken the rest of the month to sit down, calm down and regroup my head I feel ready to get on with the rest of the year. I've been doing some hardcore carpe diem'ing in the last couple of weeks and it's felt good to just get on with the now, after all that's the only part of my life I can control day to day, so that's where all energy should be going. And it will be going. That's my April. 


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