New Who - Ten Year Anniversary

New Who celebrated ten years since it graced our screens in March, as a Whovian it's been a great ten years.

Gawd, even my Eccleston Titan Figure looks nonplussed 

There's been some GREAT episodes, there's been some absolute HORRORS but nevertheless, it's lovely to have Doctor Who back in our lives. 

I feel it's my duty as a Whovian to discuss some of the episodes from the last ten years, so here, in chronological order are some of my favourites. 

(I'm referring to these series as in 'from series one'. Do not shout at me, these are official BBC number systems too, please chill your boots before you start correcting me.)

Series One - Eccleston

The Unquiet Dead
The first time we see a historical character in the series and it's Charles Dickens, splendid. This story introduced the neat ideas like a rift in spacetime and lovely Eve Myles to the cast. It's like a Torchwood warm-up.

I watched this one recently after all the Day of the Doctor stuff and I enjoyed it more, I think having more backstory to Eccleston's Doctor helped. This story raised the Daleks from the dead. Certainly not the last time that happens. 

Series Two - Tennant

School Reunion
I think the Sarah-Jane factor is what made me love this episode as she was always one of my favourite companions. The SJ-Rose bitchfest was highly entertaining. Also, Tony Head is marvellous in it as an evil headmaster.

The Girl in the Fireplace
This story is not only shit scary (what do you mean things really do hide under my bed? WAAAH!) I like seeing Tennant Doctor as a bit of an action hero in this episode too. Also makes a nice change to see him not fawning all over Rose. 

Series Three - Martha Jones

Ahhh, the one EVERYONE will name as their favourite as it's a very clever concept - stuff that you can't see moving to get you when you look at it. It's one of those magical episodes where you don't see too much of The Doctor and none of the companion (until the end). I like those ones because it feels like a change in pace for the standard story. 

Series Four - Donna Noble

One without the companion again, and all set in one location. Think John Carpenter's The Thing but in space. Fantastic supporting cast and you'll learn some basic Italian along the way. 

Turn Left
I think this might be one of my favourite episodes ever. No Doctor, just Donna and some fantastic backstory to go with it. Very Sliding Doors, but without a questionable accent. 

Series Five - Matt Smith

The Eleventh Hour
It's no secret that this series was my favourite of New Who so far. I loved the change of energy when Matt Smith came on-board and this introductory episode for him was perfect. We got to know this incarnation of the Doctor in about 30 minutes, and he was a bloody nightmare. 

Vincent and The Doctor
Probably the best and most sensitive portrayal of mental health issues ever to grace prime time tv. ON A SCIENCE FICTION SHOW. (Did you hear that television drama writers?) Tony Curran makes Van Gogh come to life and makes me very emotional every time I'm stood in a gallery looking at one of his pieces. I also bawl like an infant every time I watch this episode. True story.

The Lodger
Another 'just The Doctor' escapade and I have a very personal love of watching The Doctor trying to fit in with the humans, it's always hilarious. James Corden and Daisy Haggard make this episode so enjoyable and warm. 

Series Six - The Ponds

The Impossible Astronaut / Day of the Moon
This involves Doctor Who, NASA, Area 51, River Song and more creepy monsters that you can't really see. All boxes ticked. Thank you. 

The Doctor's Wife
Such a cute episode and it made a nice change to see The Doctor having to have almost a real relationship with his blue box, not just man-handling it or shouting at it. Ahhh, true love. 

Series Seven - Oswald for the Win 

I love a good ghost story, so the premise for this episode really enticed me in. For some reason I can find no reference to Dougray Scott being in this episode as a lead character on Wikipedia, but he was. 

The Crimson Horror
Diana Rigg being an absolute badass. No further explanation required. 

Series Eight  - Capaldi

Deep Breath
The highly anticipated arrival of Peter Capaldi into the role materialised in this episode and I fell in love with the show again within 10 minutes. I loved the way The Doctor made me feel uncomfortable, like I had no idea who this man was again. I like a good regen story; the physicality that the actor has to put into it, but this one was verbose too. It took The Doctor a while to settle, then he kindly apologised to Clara for putting her through all of it. I get the feeling Moffat writes better in a Scottish voice, so parts of the dialogue are beautiful in Capaldi's accent.

Mummy on the Orient Express
Hammer Horror, meet Doctor Who, I think you two are going to get along famously.


Night of the Doctor
A handful of minutes and all the McGann we've been wanting for almost 20 years. He got his regeneration and we got to see John Hurt step into the role. Probably one of the most exciting mini-episode to ever exist.

Day of the Doctor
I don't know where to start, but this episode is probably in my all time top three. I loved seeing so much of London being used, I loved seeing so many old faces, I loved the War Doctor bagging the shit out of Ten and Eleven constantly. I can't tell you how many times I've watched this episode, but it is A LOT. Never has the word 'Thirteen' made an entire audience scream at the tv and leap out of their seats all at once, but it did, we did it around the planet and it was magnificent.  

What have I missed? Please discuss these episodes with me at great length and tell me some of your New Who favourites too. TALK NERDY TO ME. 
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