The May Round-Up

Well, there goes May. That was a really quick month, right? 

Me & LEGO Chewie. I did my last trip to NYC right!

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The Secrets of Eternal Youth

Last month, I posted this photo on Instagram:

Alex Marshall on Instagram

and the comments started to flow:

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The Ambivert

I'd never describe myself as an introvert. To me, introversion has always had some negative connotations, with reason, as it appears the educational and working world see introversion as a negative quality which you can be coached out of or at the very least, put on a brave face; a 'fake it until you make it' attitude.

I wouldn't ever have thought of myself as an introvert; I like being in the middle of a group, I like talking loudly, I studied drama for my degree, was an active member of the performing arts and entertainments societies at uni, my business presentations are always critiqued as 'confident', I can act, sing and dance on stage without blinking, I never got stage fright, I rarely got pre-show nerves (I just got that crazy rush of endorphins afterwards), I hold meetings weekly at work and have been invited back to a job interview once because 'she's the best interviewee you'll ever see' (seriously, someone said that about me!) - none of these are the signs of introversion. 

Who is an Ambivert?
Textbook ENFJ, allegedly. Now shush.

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Learning Mindfulness With Food

This post is a follow on my last ramblings about weight loss, hypnotherapy, my relationship with food and the diet mentality. I'm going to be honest, I'm way past focussing on weight loss now and onto a whole new path, which is exciting and new. Ready for a new ramble? Get comfy and read on.

February ticked over as easily as January did. I was getting on fine with the hypnosis and being mindful. By the end I’d lost another couple of pounds but something had bothered me all month … I was yet to get started on the one goal I’d set my mind to this year:  sorting out my eating situation once and for all. I'd promised myself at the start of the year I'd deal with this during March. Happy birthday to me! 

Diet Mentality
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The April Round-up

I swear, I blinked and it was the 17th April. Where do all the nice spring months go? Thankfully we've another long weekend in the UK now. I love April and May for all their Bank Holidays. 

Gunnersbury Park, London
Gunnersbury Park is my happy place

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