The April Round-up

I swear, I blinked and it was the 17th April. Where do all the nice spring months go? Thankfully we've another long weekend in the UK now. I love April and May for all their Bank Holidays. 

Gunnersbury Park, London
Gunnersbury Park is my happy place

April has been a great month. It started with Easter; which meant chocolate, a long weekend, some fun days out and lots of rest.

I went to Kew Gardens with my friend (and got sunburn, as yanno, it's 16 degrees outside and I'm vampiric).

Kew Gardens, London

Kew Gardens, London

Japanese Garden Kew Gardens, London

Peacock Kew Gardens London

I went into Chiswick and had the customary raid of my favourite charity bookshop:

Oxfam Bookshop Chiswick

I ate a Lindt bunny and painted my nails like an Easter egg:

Now you're just some bunny that I used to know ... 

And, my Bank Holiday tradition, I watched Star Wars. Can we all have a moment to appreciate the second trailer for The Force Awakens that came out this month?

Hands up if you got to this part of the trailer and screamed with joy! ::squeeeeeeee::

The tickets for next summers Europe Star Wars Celebration went on sale towards the end of the month ... is it wrong to be planning next summer already?

In other adventures, I had a quick trip to Bristol for a friend's birthday lunch:

Bristol Temple Meads Station
Prettiest external shot of a train station ever

Had a nice, evening daaaaaahn the pub in Richmond:

Not Tizer, just an arty filter

I went to a panel discussion about self-publishing which was SO helpful for me:

The Chiswick Calendar Self Publishing

I've limited knowledge on this subject (all of publishing, actually) so hearing about both sides of it from authors was really useful for me. 

Work has been a killer this month again, so that has wiped out all my brain power, I seem to have spent my evenings watching a bit of Netflix (OMG Daredevil!), doing some hypnosis or just having a damn good sleep.

The day sleeping is an Olympic category, I'm the GB gold medalist

But the sun has come out and kickstarted spring, making for some beautiful photos on my lunchtime walks:

I'm a bit obsessed with magnolias

I did a big batch of writing this month. So many of you contacted me following my Dealing with Anxiety post. When I write posts like this I'm reminded of how many people read my work and how important talking about things like this can be. It's been so nice to hear from so many of you about your experiences with anxiety, how you cope, extra tips for me to try alongside the ones I mentioned in the post. Thank you to everyone who got in touch, it's nice to know I have cultivated an audience of caring, intelligent, smart people who love to help. I knew I wasn't alone when I was having those feelings, but putting it out there really echoed that sentiment back to me, to those who were kind enough to share their stories and advice with me, I am very grateful. I'm the kind of person who doesn't hide their emotions, mine are out there and they can be rather loud. Someone once said to me that the reason I love Doctor Who so much is because only I could empathise with someone who has to deal with all that comes with having two hearts and I believe that to be one of the most accurate assessments of my character to date! The feels, I have them, all of them. Two hearts worth. 

After that post, I blasted you with nerd; The Doctor Who Experience and the New Who Anniversary posts.

This month I got offered some guest writing work for a website/magazine that I love, so I was really pleased when they came back to me with some positive feedback about my writing. A little praise does wonders for the ego. 

The nerd joy continued this month, we welcomed Game of Thrones back into our schedules and I found that a great excuse to break out a nerdy tshirt: 

Game of Thrones Tshirt
Dracarys is old Valyrian for Dragon, burn that shit to the ground.

and a HUGE guest got announced for Summer London Film & Comic Con - Michael J Fox! A ticket for a photo with a childhood idol was purchased within minutes of that announcement! 

Who's got two thumbs and a ticket to meet MJF? OH HELL YEAH!

My summer is looking more exciting by the day!

Last week you got a recipe from me, which makes for a nice change of pace on here.  I don't write about food too often these days, as there are millions of recipe sites out there, but a few people asked about my chia breakfasts, so I thought a post showing a quick way to make them would be useful. 

Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

Following that post I made another batch with different ingredients. Same amount of seeds and milk, but I added cocoa, coconut and some vanilla extract. It tasted like the best chocolate mousse ever!

After payday I got my hair cut (well, it has been 7 months since my last one!) and went to Westfield to spend some serious money on a good shopping spree with my friend. This may call for a YouTube video in May, but we'll see how I go. The photos below are the ingredients of a good day out!

Five Guys Westfield London

Benefit YSL Make up

Deichmann Shoes Westfield

May is going to be a nice month. I'm looking forward to a long weekend ahead now. I've got a catch up with an old friend mid-month and some days away in the North at the end of it. I need to make the most of my quiet period now. More sleep? MOAR SLEEPS! 

My word for April was Present and I feel I did that word proud. Sometimes just listening to yourself and doing whatever it is you want to do that day is the best thing you can do. I feel like I've been really mindful this month, challenged myself, put myself out there and I've enjoyed myself so much because of it. It's wiped that anxiety-ridden March off the map! I've spent a lot of my time investing in myself in recent weeks but it feels so worth it. 

My word for May is going to be Kind. What does Cinderella say?


Kind to myself and remain kind to others along the way, that's my goal for this new month. I spend waaaaaay too much time kicking my own arse about things, which is ridiculous, so this is my attempt to be nice to myself ALL MONTH.

My other favourite quote involving this word is 'Be Kind or Be Quiet', which is another mantra I'm a great fan of - especially when dealing with the online community!

Enjoy your long weekend, everyone. Happy May!

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