The May Round-Up

Well, there goes May. That was a really quick month, right? 

Me & LEGO Chewie. I did my last trip to NYC right!

May started with a Bank Holiday, which meant a day out and a Star Wars film (on Star Wars Day! YES!). This time it was the British Museum (Defining Beauty exhibit) and The Empire Strikes Back (not my favourite, I try, I really do). 

The British Museum

There's been a lot of film watching this month. My friend got bored of me not having any clue about that films are around (as I don't go to the cinema) so he's kindly written a list of films I've missed over recent years that I should give a watch. So far we've done Super 8, The Way Way Back and Pride. OMG, Pride. I could watch that film on loop, it's wonderful.

Pride the Movie

We had the General Election in the UK, which had a bit of a surprising outcome to say the least. I'm a protest voter, so any result would be a disappointment to me and until the 'none of the above' option appears on ballots and actually means something, I'm never going to be happy. Why did 67% of people vote against electoral reform when they had the chance in 2011? I bet there's some sore regret amongst the electorate now! 

I had a jolly to Richmond Park one weekend when the sun came out (remember that big ball of fire we used to see in the sky? No?) which was lovely. I walked miles that day! I walked all the way back down Richmond Hill afterwards and into the town to Whole Foods. It was a carrot cake for lunch day. 

Richmond Park

Speaking of Whole Foods, I found coconut butter in there!

Biona Coconut Bliss Coconut Butter

I had no idea Biona had started producing this. I had run out of Artisana last month and I flat refuse to order from iHerb again as they rip me off with import fees every single time. Now I can get a similar product in the UK I am delighted.

I bought slightly sillier things too: 

Marshmallow Fluff

Strawberry Marshmallow Fluff

And made Fluffernutters with them (toasties with Fluff and Peanut Butter. Yes, you heard). 

The Fluffernutter

My friend Alastair came to visit with his daughter for the weekend, which meant I made them eat unhealthy food in The Diner and then walk miiiiiiiiiles around London. 9. I made them walk 9 miles. I'm evil, I know, but it was such a lovely day!

Big Ben Clock Tower London

I had my first Pimm's of the year (this might have been why the sun has gone away, I scared it with gin punch): 

Pimm's 2015

I watched ALL of Eurovision; the semi finals and the final which was awesome as always. I voted for Sweden, Israel and Australia. They had a Eurovision app with photo filters this year, which means I can have a Conchita beard, OH YES I CAN. 

Love Life Lexi Eurovision

I spent the Sunday of the second Bank Holiday weekend in Greenwich. I realised I hadn't been to the Royal Observatory for about 20 years (!!) so I went there and had a viewing at the Planetarium.

Royal Observatory Greenwich

Gideon Meteorite London Planetarium
A 4.5 billion year old piece of meteorite - the oldest thing I will ever touch! 

And as this publishes I'll be in t'North, I've taken a week off and I'm doing a few fun theatre things with my mum as her birthday gift. More about that next week. 

Articles from this month: 

I had so many responses on Twitter and Facebook to The Ambivert article. There's a lot of us! Realising that this is my personality has allowed me to understand myself a lot better in recent months. I'm just quiet sometimes. Not weird, not anti-social, not rude; just quiet. I've been doing a lot thinking about the labels we give ourselves this month (again, this is something else that the General Election sparked) so I think I'll be putting an article together about that in the next month. 

As usual, I'm pretty shocked that we're heading into June already but it's the start of summer and it's unexpectedly going to be a very busy month for a number of reasons, I'll be sure to make sure I get some time out to have some fun along the way. 

Here's to the start of summer 2015. Get your SPF / umbrella ready as appropriate, London!

Greenwich London

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