Product Review: Go Figa

Many people will tell you that one of the great things about being a blogger is the freebies that you're offered to review on a regular basis. I'm not really one for freebies or reviews (as I explained in this post) but when I got an email from a PR company offering a product for review which weirdly enough I already had in my online basket ready for purchase, it seemed foolhardy not to accept. 

The product is a superfood blend called Go Figa; created by Rick Hay. 

I know, I'm always a bit hesitant when the word 'superfood' is bandied around (lemon is a superfood as far as I'm concerned) but as I said, this product had really caught my eye. 

Here's the blurb from the website: 
Go Figa is a nutrient dense superfood that has been designed to help boost immunity, regulate blood sugar levels, help with regularity and promote satiety.
This formula includes antioxidant rich fig powder combined with berries, chia seeds, cinnamon and glucomannan.
The combination of ingredients have been selected to assist natural cleansing and detox processes whilst delivering a general tune up to all body systems.

Sounds alright, doesn't it? As you all know I love smoothies, so anything I can add to them to offer my body an extra hit of goodness is something I want to get onboard with.  

I think anyone who owns a Nutribullet knows who Rick Hay is, he's the guy that's on every infomercial and shopping channel demonstrating them. He's a nutritional physiologist so he's very passionate about getting the best out of your food and into your body. I'm not a Nutribullet owner, I'm a Vitamix girl, but I have had a lot of inspiration for recipes from watching some of those shopping channels (why, why are they so addictive to watch??).

My kitchen is proper jolly

I'm not sure what I was expecting when it came to taste with the product, but it's nicer than I could have anticipated. The stand out flavour for me is the cinnamon. I love cinnamon, so that's not an issue for me but some people may find it a bit intrusive. It's not strong, it's quite a mild cinnamon hit but if you're not a fan, beware!

It also contain chia seeds, which I love putting in smoothies as it really helps thicken up the texture, so it saved me opening a different bag and scooping a load of those in to my blender too. 

Glucomannan was something I'd never heard of until reading this packet; essentially it's just a natural fibre which helps with satiety. That with the figs and berries also help with digestive functions and your immune system. It's a bit of an all-rounder. 

Here's what I put in the smoothie pictured above; it's my Chocolate & Berry Protein Smoothie - 

300ml Unsweetened Almond Milk
200g Strawberries
1 Scoop Chocolate Protein Powder (I used Vega Choc-a-Lot)
1 tsp GoFiga

BLEND BLEND BLEND! Super simple and really delicious. It's rare a smoothie fills me up unless it's enormous or full of lots of fruits and vegetables, but this really did the trick and kept me full for hours. 

I was sent GoFiga to review for free, but it is a product I will happily repurchase. You can buy it on the website for an introductory price of £9.99 right now, which is a little cheaper than it usually will retail.

(Pat on the back for me for not referencing the fact that this product has a very rude name in Italian ... )
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