The June Round-Up

It's been a tempestuous month in Lexiland. But at least the sun came out and that brought my summer wardrobe with it.

Crocs FlipFlops and Ray Bans
The world is a nicer place when I get to wear flip flops

I started my month in the North, where I went to see my family and took in some shows (which I talked about here). My mum was due to come to London to visit me a couple of weeks later but that got cancelled last minute due to some illness in the family; it's not been the best month for things like this, we had a death as well.

I have been rushed off my size 6's with work, which is great for business and great for me as I like being busy but it's meant that working late a lot, along with everything else happening, a lot of life has been shoved to the side. For the first half of the month I retreated into my Batcave and just kept in touch with my inner circle (as I like to call the the ones in my life who I love the most) and spent as much time being quiet and relaxing as I could. Nothing drives out my introverted side quite like the drama llama coming into town for a visit, and boy, that little bugger set up camp here this month!

Primark Hogwarts House Pyjamas
Chilling in my Hogwarts pyjamas, yo,

But the sunshine arrived and it definitely helped my mood. I've made sure I've had a day each week in one of the local, beautiful parks just relaxing, audiobooking or chatting to my loves on the phone or on videochat. What did we do before iPhones, handsfree kits and 4G? That phone has been my lifeline to sanity, love and laughter this month.

All that sun lifted my spirit and brought out my colourful meal ideas with it. 


By mid-month, my social life kicked off again. I'm glad I'd planned ahead to do stuff as I was in dire need of some fun after a rough start to the month. I've been working lots of overtime during the week, so my weekends feel really precious right now. 

I went to the Greg Proops podcast recording at the Soho Theatre. This is one of my favourite comedy podcasts so I always make the effort to go and listen live when he's in town. He was also doing a signing for his book afterwards in the bar, so I got to meet the man himself (again, he wanders around the audience before the show and says hi to everyone, shakes hands and gives us all Kittens McTavish stickers).

The Smartest Book in the Word Greg Proops

Greg Proops book signing Soho Theatre 2015
Sometimes you meet your heroes and they're AWESOME

In a few weeks I'll be seeing him again as I bagged myself a ticket to the Whose Line Is It Anyway? live shows which started their run in London last weekend. I'm really excited about that. It's a good season for comedy as I'll be going to the Ealing Comedy Festival next month too.

I went to the The 100 Club on Oxford Street to see my friends band play. We got glo-sticks and I found great graffiti in the bathroom:


Graffiti The 100 Club

And I went North (yes, again) to see my best friend as we had loads to catch up on. What's the perfect antidote to a tough month? That's right, prosecco with your girl. We drank a lot of wine (and weird coloured shots) on the Friday night, so Saturday looked like this:

Chill Yo Boots

Yes, cups of tea on the sofa, watching Made in Chelsea and having a bloody good catch up and gossip. She gave me my birthday present too (as I missed her at birthday time), which is SO BEAUTIFUL!

Osprey London Wallet

Articles from this month: 

While on the 'stuff I wrote' subject, I have to mention this because it's a bit amazing. Last June I wrote a post about my discovery of Crocs flipflops and sandals and a year on that post has been viewed OVER ONE THOUSAND TIMES.

Crocs Flipflops

It's been my most popular post of this whole blog, y'all must really like them flips. I love them. I'm still wearing them this summer (as you can see in the top photo of this post). My new pair that I bought in the end of summer sale last year (photographed here) remain unworn! They were good value for money. 

In new things news: I spent some time this month using a new fitness tracker, this is a Mi Band:

Mi Band Review UK

I'm so taken with it that I've written a review post about it, more about that next month. My activity levels have shot back up this month  - another sunshine side effect? - and I've been getting out for a run every weekend. As I said in my mindfulness post, I've been exercising instinctively and just doing what feels right and when. Right now my body wants to run and it's surprised me so much with how much it can do! I don't track my runs anymore, I just run for fun. It feels great. I smile the whole time, I get into my music and, this is the best thing (and probably down to doing this instinctively), I get no aches the next day. Even on my first run of the month (which was my first one for 5 months) I didn't ache at all. In fact, my knees had been a little achy and sore before I got started and the following day the aches had gone away and have not returned. I'm kinda wishing I'd started this whole 'listening to my body' thing years ago as clearly it's probably the best thing I've ever done for myself!

Oh, I did Deadly Dark Horse a few times a week too. Man, this is a leg killer but it's such good fun!

I realised didn't set a word for my month of June, I think I was probably too distracted at the start of the month to do this but I can tell you what my word has been ... instinct. My month started in such a chaotic way that my instinctual responses and reactions kicked in. I sat back and watched them all; some are great (and keep me sane) and some are awful (and they are REALLY bad for me). It was good that I had some spare time to watch all this unfold within me and put right what felt wrong as it helped me understand myself and my behaviours more. I'm a very instinct-led person, I swear by my gut instinct for every life decision that I make and it's never done me wrong, sometimes the best person you can listen to is yourself, specifically your body. Mindfulness, I'm glad I found you when I did.


My word for July is going to be fun. July is going to be so much fun. I have some amazing events this month, I will be knackered by the end of it but it's going to be worth it. I'm intending to wake up every day, lay in bed for a few moments, be thankful and ready for all the excitement that's ahead. I want to be mindful, get myself right in the moment and enjoy it. Be almost delirious with joy. ALL THE EXCITES.

Summer is on, you guys, put your SPF 50 on and go enjoy it.

Lammas Park Ealing

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