The July Round-Up

It's a long one this month, brace yourselves and get comfy! I've done so much this month and writing it all up has been a task within itself.

I started this month by paying off my credit card. That card balance is relentless, but so is my social life so the cost just mounts up. I use my credit card for two things; ticket bookings and Paypal. I have booked tickets to events like a lunatic over the last 6 months, so paying that off has been a challenge. I feel like my word for this month should have been 'credit' as well as 'fun' as they kinda go hand in hand.

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Tips for Flying High & Travelling Light

Readers, let me tell about one of my traits that I'm incredibly proud of - I'm the queen of packing light when I travel. I can do an overnighter with just my satchel, I can do a long weekend with a small rucksack (hell, I did a long weekend at Comic Con with that rucksack and that involved TWO cosplay outfits!) and my personal best - a week in Italy with a holdall. Yep, I did 7 days with just hand luggage. I travel light. 


Hand luggage weight limits vary on airlines (you can compare on this hand luggage allowances table) but they tend to have set sizes that your hand luggage has to be in order for them to fit in the overhead lockers on the plane, which makes perfect sense. I check before I travel and then tend to stick to the one-holdall-and-a-satchel-to-carry-my-iPad-in rule.

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I've recently thought a lot about identity, how we identify ourselves, others and how others identify us. I hate being labelled and yet I do it to myself indirectly all the time.

Have you ever tried to sit down and describe yourself in one word? I don't mean airy adjectives, I mean how do you describe yourself to someone who doesn't know you when you first meet them. What's on your Twitter profile? Who are you?

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Whose Line is it Anyway?

Some people have bucket lists full of things they want to do in life, I prefer to keep mine simple; if it's something I've always promised myself I'll do one day (usually from when I was very young) and I'm in a financial position to do it - I do it. That's it.

My range casts far and wide; so this year it's going to see Madonna again, buying a ticket to see Jason Dovovan's tour next year (10 year old Alex is so excited about this that she fangirl hyperventilates in my head frequently) and it's what I did last weekend, I went to go see a live performance of Whose Line is it Anyway? at the Adelphi Theatre in London. 

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Review: Mi Band

I'm a bit of fitness tracker nerd. Over the years I've had pedometers, a HRM and a Nike+ sportsband. My last and most used item of sports tech was my Fitbit Zip, which I wrote about here. Fitbits are great pieces of kit. You can customise your goals on them, they look quite sharp, you can sync them with calorie tracking apps and you can have a competitive league table of friends to pit yourself against.

Mi Band Review UK

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