Tips for Flying High & Travelling Light

Readers, let me tell about one of my traits that I'm incredibly proud of - I'm the queen of packing light when I travel. I can do an overnighter with just my satchel, I can do a long weekend with a small rucksack (hell, I did a long weekend at Comic Con with that rucksack and that involved TWO cosplay outfits!) and my personal best - a week in Italy with a holdall. Yep, I did 7 days with just hand luggage. I travel light. 


Hand luggage weight limits vary on airlines (you can compare on this hand luggage allowances table) but they tend to have set sizes that your hand luggage has to be in order for them to fit in the overhead lockers on the plane, which makes perfect sense. I check before I travel and then tend to stick to the one-holdall-and-a-satchel-to-carry-my-iPad-in rule.

How do I travel so light? A lot of my friends ask me this when they see my luggage. It's just planning. Pick your outfits carefully, think how much footwear you realistically will wear, keep all your toiletries to your standard daily usage (if you can switch to travel sizes, then even better), pack one complete emergency outfit and then wing it. Unless you're going to the middle of nowhere you can always pick up extras as you go. Don't forget you can check in at an airport, get your bags done and THEN hit Boots to buy all your toiletries for the week at the terminal. Yes, dry shampoo can wait, then I can buy a big size that will last me the whole week. 

However, the thing I always used to come unstuck on was keeping myself in good shape whilst travelling, something which I really had to think about on my last long flight (which was to Chicago, a good 8 hours from Heathrow). Long flights are hard work for me as I have the attention span of a 6 year old and I hate feeling uncomfortable, so I planned this carefully. As the holiday season is upon us, here are my top travel tips.

What to Wear

Go comfort and prepare to feel a bit cold when you're at peak altitude. To me this means leggings or jeggings, a long sleeve top and a blazer or a long vest and a denim shirt. Both outfits are simple to throw together, are comfy and have stretch in them so you can slouch & snooze and you can remove a layer as required. Plus, you can jazz them up on arrival at your destination with a bit of jewellery or other accessories. Flats are better on a plane (as you never have to remove them if there's an emergency), so I opt for a pair of my beloved Chucks. 



This is one I always used to overlook and boy, did I regret it. Air travel is like any travel; it comes with air conditioning and will dry your skin to the bone. I moisturise before I get on the plane and when I get off. I bring lipbalm on the flight with me to apply as often as needed,  I make sure I avoid alcohol and drink lots of water. I apply any make-up before I get off the plane and then have a good blast with some dry shampoo to bring my hair back to life in the airport (what did us ladies with fine, flat hair do before dry shampoo?!).

Keep Busy

I can sleep anywhere, so this isn't always a problem for me (seriously, I fall asleep on tube journeys into central London) however, I can come unstuck on flights as I get too excited about my holiday to sleep. This happened on my last trip and films couldn't hold my attention (albeit I do blame the second Captain America film partly for this, as that character is so damn boring). I did read a whole book, though and played a lot of Countdown on my iPad. Give yourself as many options as possible and don't forget to give yourself a screen break and go for a walk around the plane. Eventually I tired myself out by five hours in I managed to go to sleep for the remainder of the journey (attention span of a six year old and the behaviour of one, evidently).


Travel safe, friends. Travel well and enjoy your adventures this summer.
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  1. Wow, travelling light is NOT my best skill so this post is really helpful - thank you!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

    p.s - Thanks for sharing this post on the Lifestyle Linkup!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this and making me a featured blogger this week! You're a doll x

  2. This is SO helpful, I'm so bad at travelling light so I will definitely use these tips next time I travel!!

    Sian | Cakey Dreamer

    1. You're welcome! Next time you travel before you come home look at what you never used (there's always something) and just note that for the next time. That's how I reduced my load.

  3. When it comes to keeping myself entertained on a plane I am the Queen! I know how easily I get bored so I take TOO many activities, lots of reading, music, podcast, colouring (because it's not cool for us adults to crack out the crayola too), writing, suduko, card games, you name it, I've packed it! I just wish I could pack my actual suitcase lighter, this is something I really struggle with! I've gotten better but still, I over-pack even just for an overnight stay!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland