Whose Line is it Anyway?

Some people have bucket lists full of things they want to do in life, I prefer to keep mine simple; if it's something I've always promised myself I'll do one day (usually from when I was very young) and I'm in a financial position to do it - I do it. That's it.

My range casts far and wide; so this year it's going to see Madonna again, buying a ticket to see Jason Dovovan's tour next year (10 year old Alex is so excited about this that she fangirl hyperventilates in my head frequently) and it's what I did last weekend, I went to go see a live performance of Whose Line is it Anyway? at the Adelphi Theatre in London. 

Whose Line is one of those things I watched a lot in my late teens when I was in my 'I'm going to study drama at uni and totally be the greatest actress everrrrr' stage. As much as I freely admit that I am total shit at improv (and always was, I have to think that fast on my feet and be funny? Get out) it doesn't mean I don't love to see other people do it, who love it and are great at it. It's something I cannot do, therefore it's something I really admire; like people who can draw and hula hoop (not both at once, albeit that would be a neat party game - did I just invent Hula Pictionary?). 

The last improv shows I watched were at The Second City in Chicago last summer, which are more sketch based as opposed to the free-form version you get from Whose Line, but I loved them all the same. 

So, back to Whose Line. If you're unfamiliar with this show, the host suggests some improv games / situations to the players and they create scenes and sketches made up there and then in the moment. The audience can get to join in, throwing some ideas for situations, people, places into the mix which makes it an interactive comedy experience. It's clever, so clever and so funny. It's live comedy with even less of a safety net than stand-up, and to me, that's scary. 

The host, Clive Anderson was running the procedings and the players were Greg Proops, Colin Mochrie, Brad Sherwood and Josie Lawrence. 

source: The Independant

I was thankful for Brad being there as that meant not all the singing duty was placed on Josie, albeit I do love it when Josie sings (that woman is unbelievably talented!). There was the usual mix of games; it opened with Questions Only, Party Quirks (Greg guessed them all really quickly), Colin completely shafted Brad during Kick It and made him rap in Latin (hilarious), poor old Clive got dragged into one of the more physical games; Living Scenery (where usually two audience members play inanimate objects used by the players in the game, instead it was one audience member and Clive), plus Stand, Sit, Bend,  What's in the Bag, Sound Effects, Moving People, Infomercial, Hollywood Director, Alphabet (how do they do this? I could barely keep up and I was only listening to them!) and it ended, in the traditional Whose Line way, with a Hoedown.

As a Proops fangirl, I have to mention that despite being to a few of his podcast recordings now (which are hilarious, the latest one I went to dropped on iTunes last week), it's NOTHING compared to seeing him do improv; that's where he really shines, you can tell that man loves his job.

I loved that there was so much audience participation in the show and loved how keen an audience I was in, there were people running on to the stage to participate, it was so delightful to be in a crowd full of people who love the show as much as I do.

I laughed solidly for over two hours, it was probably one of the best ways I've spent a Sunday afternoon in London for years, if I could have gone back the next day, I would have done - sadly I was watching the show on the last day, so that was not an option.

I had a lovely giddy moment just as the show was starting, sat in the theatre on my own wondering what I was going to be happening on stage that day. I was thinking about when I used to watch this show at my friends house; she had a whole VHS full of the shows that she'd recorded off Channel 4 and we would sit in her bedroom, smoke cigarettes and talk about how we couldn't wait to be actresses when we grew up (I was 17 at the time, and smoking, sorry mum). That was also the year I first saw Greg Proops doing his stand-up show. I think this Whose Line was probably what first made me want to be a comedy actress - it's never too late, right?

Whose Line, please come back. I appreciate you're still on TV in the US and that's awesome but if you get asked to do these live shows again... please come back.

Second row, that's how I roll. 

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