London Film & Comic Con: Summer 2015

Brace yourself, it's going to be a big read! Last month I attended my favourite summer convention: London Film & Comic Con

LFCC Summer 2015

You can read about my first time at this con here and the second here, this time my girlfriends decided to go hard or go home - we bought weekend passes, booked ourselves into a local hotel and decided to make a huge girly, nerdy weekend out of it. Effectively, this is my summer holiday so I saw no point in not going hard. Plus, I missed out on a lot by only doing one day last year, and the social aspect by not staying out on the evenings, so this year I wanted to do everything. 

This year I prepared myself well in advance. I bought my weekend pass early and then bought any photoshoots that I wanted to do as they got announced. A lot of people did a very silly thing where they bought photoshoots and then tried to get an entry ticket - a terrible mistake as Saturday and Sunday sold out almost a month before the event. Free tip: buy your entry tickets first.

I decided to cosplay this year, as I enjoyed it so much when I went to MCM in Autumn last year and if could get two costumes in over the weekend, even better! 

I chose Luna Lovegood and Rose Tyler. Luna because I love any excuse to wear a wig, my mum made me a very Luna style skirt and the rest ... well, I had lying around. Rose was a safe middle ground. I knew I could wear this costume and still have a busy day, plus I didn't mind being in it in my photoshoots with my guests. Rose is casual, so it's an easy wear. 

Cosplay Luna Lovegood Rose Tyler

Next, you wait for the schedules to be announced. This usually happens a week before the event and then you can create yourself a schedule for the weekend. If you're super busy, this will be a spreadsheet, if you're me, it goes on a Post-It and gets put with my tickets in my photo holders:


Free tip: buy some of these clear photo holders as soon as you arrive if you forgot to bring a folder with you, they will sell out throughout the day. Your photos and autographs will be protected in your bag and not be trashed by the time you get home. You empty them when you get home and bring them again the following year (also a neat way to keep all your tickets in one place.  

My friends and I set up our base at a hotel a good mile away from Olympia. It's better priced for a nice hotel as it's not too close to the venue and you have a choice of a 15 minute walk or a one-stop trip on the Overground to the venue. 

Friday was my quiet day, no photoshoots. So I went full Luna and figured I could shop and pick up any autographs that I wanted.

LFCC Summer 2015
Ground Floor Olympia on Sunday 

OMG, Olympia was verging on overwhelming. I'm so glad we all had Friday free to do a reccie. We walked all 3 floors (the top floor was empty on Friday), found the stairs that covered every level, got a good idea of the overall layout of the event and started shopping.

I was pretty restrained. I bought a new wig, as they were on a reduced price (£15) and as I want to work on a Zatanna cosplay next, I need a dark wig.

I went to meet Sherilyn Fenn who is still unbelievably beautiful and was having a great time signing and chatting to people. I commented on her awesome nose piercing, as it's something I've been toying with getting done for a couple of months and she gave me some great tips on what kind of piercing to have and how to heal it. She told me I should definitely go for it. SOLD, SHERILYN. SOLD. I think this was my favourite meet of the weekend because she was so lovely, she's someone I've admired since I was a teenager and, well, they say you should never meet your heroes but so far I've not been disappointed!

Sherilyn Fenn LFCC 2015
::swoony girl-crush moment::

I need to explain my Pop Vinyl purchase rules. These things are like Pokemon, you get one and you cannot stop. I give myself a one-per-con-day rule, so I allocated myself three this weekend. I don't have 'sets' that I like to collect, I just get ones that take my fancy. So on Friday it was Capaldi's turn.

Twelfth Doctor Pop Vinyl
Look at his little face AHHHHHHHHHH CUTES

It was hot that day (really hot in a wig!), it was about 24 degrees outside and relatively busy inside. I'm glad I had a litre of water in my bag to keep me going. Free tip: bring a big bottle of water with you, you're going to fill a bag with shopping anyway, so bring one and put water in it. 

We went out for drinks in Shepherd's Bush that night and we were sensible girls who went back to the hotel, put our pyjamas on, piled into one room, ate cookies and planned our attack strategy for the next day. None of us had early bookings, so we decided to sleep in and go over to the venue for just before 10am.

Saturday was the busy day. Two photoshoots (Charles Dance cancelled ::wails::) and Rose Tyler cosplay.

Daily lift selfies became our thing

(Katie is in none of my lift selfies as she was either working or up and out really bloody early to meet other people!)

The queue to get in was enormous but it was moving, so we were in the doors within 40 minutes. I had enough time to get up to the 3rd floor for my first photo shoot with 7th Doctor, Sylvester McCoy and get back downstairs to queue for my Michael J Fox one.

Sylvester McCoy Michael J Fox LFCC
Sylvester is proper jolly. Michael is a total legend. 

Saturday has had a hammering on social media, but we were all okay. Again, the Friday reccie helped, gauging how busy the event would be made us plan carefully and a couple of us had to go to the Showmasters teams and explain we had a clash and ask to be bumped into another photo shoot group - all requests were accommodated. Free tip: talk to the Showmasters guys if you have issues first before moaning on social media. They will help and they're bloody good at what they do (all volunteers too, respect). 

Yes, it was hot (bring water!), yes it was crowded (you can leave, get air and come back in if it gets too much, we did that many times) and yes, you're limited for food options. We took a lunch break, walked 10 minutes down Kensington High Street and went to Byron, which was quiet and we were seated and served within 15 minutes. 

We quickly established the 3rd floor was the 'chill out zone' as there were only signings on one end of the floor, one photo area and a big, empty floor space. It was also the place to go for the air con, so on Saturday when we had a spare hour we chilled out up there (read: laid on the floor and drank Lucozade, if you're me).  Second floor was Comic / Game Zone and YALC, which also a great place to chill out (and be fed lollipops) too.

I bought a nice print:

and Pop Vinyl purchase update: Agent Scully.

Dana Scully Pop Vinyl

We went to the pub with some other con-goers that night, which was nice but I think we were all too knackered to be overly sociable and I personally was keen to put my pyjamas on and resume room party night two with the girls, which we did. Gin and planning once again. And Ben's Cookies. Hooray for our hotel being across the road from Westfield!

Sunday was a quieter day than Saturday, so I dressed in my own clothes. I had one photoshoot and a panel to sit through, so I wanted to be comfy.

Yes, we are tired. Yes, our hotel was very patient with us.

We went later again, as we all wanted a good breakfast (so we wouldn't need lunch, we went to Bill's in Westfield) and walked straight into Olympia with no waiting. It was quieter in the main hall so we did some shopping and cosplay spotting. My personal highlights were the guy dressed as one from The Hangover with a baby doll in a harness attached to him, the Sparrows from Game of Thrones who walked the whole con with an inflatable naked doll, ringing a bell and calling 'Shame!" and one guy dressed as the guy in hot pants and heels from the Money Supermarket commercials. Yes really. I wish I'd taken a photo as I couldn't stop laughing as he walked past with his friend playing The Pussycat Dolls 'Don't Cha' on his phone. 

We did a reccie again to check no one had moved (as some had between Friday and Saturday as the 3rd floor opened up) and we spent a lot of time enjoying the peace on the 3rd floor again.

I went to meet Gareth David Lloyd for an autograph. I always ask guests if they're enjoying the con, Gareth said he got his childhood dreams fulfilled by meeting Michael J Fox that morning, so he was really happy. 

Gareth David Lloyd LFCC Torchwood
::swoons:: ::sighs::


I joined the queue for my Catherine Tate photo and saw this cosplayer in front of me: MattEleven!

Eleventh Doctor Cosplay MattEleven LFCC

I follow Matt on Instagram, so I knew he'd be here today, but I've never actually seen him at any cons I've done before (because they're like black holes for finding people). Free tip: set up a Whatsapp group between your friends so you can find each other when you get separated. Anyway, Matt kindly had a selfie with me, then I asked Showmasters if I could jump the queue so that I wouldn't miss the Back to the Future Panel. They said yes.

Catherine Tate LFCC
Bovvered? Yes, obviously. I JUST MET DONNA NOBLE!

Then it was BTTF time! This was a bit of a mess as someone directly me to the wrong entrance, so I ended up pretty far back in the queue for the doors, but we all got in, we all got seated and enjoyed the panel. 

BTTF Panel LFCC 2015

It was lovely to hear the stars having a good reminisce and chat about making these films. Michael couldn't stop singing the praises of Christopher Lloyd, which was so sweet to watch and Mr. Fox still has a smile that can light up a room, which was awesome to see. 

Pop Vinyl purchase update: Alice

Alice in Wonderland Pop Vinyl

Given I thought I was prepared for the event after last years, I really wasn't. A new venue meant a whole bunch of new rules. But I was pleased I went for a whole weekend so I could space out my events, take my time to get to them, not have to join ridiculous early morning queues and be a lot more leisurely with my attitude and time. If I had planned to go for one day and do everything I did on one day it would have been near impossible, very rushed, hot, tiring and unpleasant. I'd rather pay out for the whole weekend and a hotel if that means I can go at my own pace. To me, that's the best use of my time and money. 

I had a brilliant weekend with my girls, with the guests, meeting other attendees and I couldn't spend my money any wiser. If you love something, go all out and enjoy it, life is short and there's way too much out there to risk missing out on anything you want to do. 

The next Showmasters London Film & Comic Con will in November. I'll see you there!

EDIT: An update for Sherilyn Fenn - I got my nose pierced. Thank you for giving me the nudge :)

Alex Marshall Love Life Lexi

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  1. Your nose stud looks soO fab on you! You totally look like its been there for years! You have the perfect nose for piercing and the little black nose stud compliments your pretty face. The only
    thing that would look cuter is a think little silver nose ring!

    Sherilyn giving you the nudge did you a super favor on making you look "super cute." I've been wanting it done for ages. Where did you have it done?



    1. Thank you! It is actually a sparkly silver stud, but we lost that when I brought out the monochrome filter.

      I got it done at Extreme Needle in Covent Garden, who were fantastic.