Payday, Yayday!

Today I'm talking basketed browsing; the internet version of window shopping. The shopping you're forced to do in the run up to payday because you've spent all your fun money last month too fast. You can't buy, you can only look. The world is a big consumption tease that week, it's torturous. This was my entire final week of July - I spent ALL my money at Comic Con and had to be frugal. Booooo!

Over that period you slowly accumulate a shopping basket full of things on six different websites, have pages favourited ready to go and a shopping list in your notes app on your phone.

Then, finally, payday arrives. PAYDAY YAYDAY!

 photo 35c6b4251b94f0d7_leo_dance_1_.xxxlarge_zpsrac8ihg5.gif

... you may now commence buying ALL THE THINGS. 

Which is exactly what I've been doing this month. YEEEEE-HAWWWW.  

It's summer, I'm full of sunshine and joy, so of course I'm already preparing for when the sun goes away and I'm left with a pile of Seasonal Affective Disorder grumps. I'm not being negative, I'm being prepared. The Vitamin D3 was a well researched purchase as apparently it's the one which closely mimics the chemical reactions within the body caused by sun exposure. I'm fairly in-tune with my body but Magnesium is the one supplement I always let slip and the moment I have it I can't believe how much better I feel and how much more energy I have. Oil sprayed directly onto the skin and absorbed is way better than any tablet I could swallow (and it feels nice too), so these two were my first purchases this month. See? It's not all shiny things, I take self care very seriously too. 

(Or, I don't trust myself not to run out of money in autumn when I need the Vitamin D and have to go without when I should be taking it. That's more honest.)

Coconut Water Conditioner from OGX

The general rule for beauty products is that if it smells of coconut I will buy it. I used the Coconut Milk version of this conditioner before but when I spotted this one on the shelves I thought I'd give it a go. I prefer it. It's a little lighter after rinsing out, it's got a milder coconut smell (I love the stuff but I don't want to smell like a Pina Colada all day, I'll just make people thirsty) but it still gives a good deep condition. I'm still growing my hair and the sun is bleaching it like crazy, so a good conditioner is a must in the summer. 


I've had a good jewellery splurge this month. I'm rubbish at wearing jewellery. I can just about remember to put earrings in and if my other piercings didn't have to have something in them at all times to avoid holes closing, I would be screwed. However, I'm a fan of a big. Go hard or go home, right? I've got so much dainty, silver jewellery but I'm loving massive statement pieces, or things which are a little different right now. Hence the purchase from Black Heart Creatives. It's a blue glitter Sassbomb; which is one of my favourite terms for myself (as apparently I land like a sassbomb on your twitter feed) and it's my finishing move for when I become a pro-wrestler (it's a modified powerbomb, in case you were wondering). 

I also bought some of the BIGGEST hoops you've ever seen: 

These were a purse-friendly £2.99 on eBay. For size perspective: 


I also went a-looking for a solar system necklace. A very specific search, granted, which is where Etsy always comes to the rescue! 

Despite planets, it's a really dainty necklace on a fine chain. I am in love with it already. Thank the universe for Pluto being reinstated as a planet (albeit a dwarf one) or this necklace would be wonky. 

And while we're doing sciencey things: 

Love me a Doctor Who reference! This is a pending Etsy purchase - so stock photo for now! No doubt you'll see me in the real thing it at some point.

Collectif alert! I can never resist a shop when the 50% off sale happens. I've been in between sizes for certain styles from this company for 3 years. Dolores flared dresses in a 12 fit me perfectly but the fitted dresses in a 14 will not go over my ass. FAIL. But I bought the fitted dress anyway just in case.... and it fitted (bugger it, I'm never dieting again, it's a mugs game!) These 4 together cost me £48, given the dress is usually £50 alone, it's a bargain. 

Then a week later, Collectif sent me an email about more things added to the sale, and one of them was the maxi dress that I've been coveting all year: 

Michelle Maxi Dress from Collectif

I LOVE this dress! I've been watching it like a hawk waiting for it to drop into sale (as £67 is a bit pricey). £33.75 was far more reasonable and they had it in my size. 

I found this print reduced to a tenner on Great Little Place. I've been looking for some nice London art for a while but I never found the right thing. I wanted something bright, stylish but playful. This ticked all the boxes. It's been framed and it looks even better now than it does here. 

I've got to stop buying books. I have the biggest backlog on my Kindle app and now a huge pile of physical books on my shelves to get through. This one was a recommendation from a podcast that I heard last month where the author was being interviewed. I'm going to give you some of the back cover blurb: 

Over the past twenty-five years, our quest for thin-ness has morphed into a relentless obsession with weight and body image. Now award-winning joournalist Harriet Brown unpacks the ways in which biology, psychology, media, and culture shape how we view and experience our bodies. 

Right. Up. My. Strasse. I'll let you know what I think after I've read and digested (ha!).

This is a book by neuroscientists who are examining sexual desire in people based on their internet searches and usage. As they say in Avenue Q 'the internet is for porn!' and this is written using the internet and its users as a massive survey into sex and desire. It's fascinating and makes a nice change of subject matter for me.

The next two books that I purchased whilst I was at the Science Museum:

This purchase stemmed from listening to Sean Carroll on the panel at The Infinite Monkey Cage when it was on tour in L.A (link to the episode here). Sean is the science advisor for Marvel and has helped with the science in the films (yes, there is actual science in there). When I spotted this book it reminded me of the podcast and I wondered how much other science is knocking about in comics, so I thought it was worth a read.

This book has a little significance for me. I bought it at the Science Museum on a day when I was there for a bit of an informal interview for something. As part of my day I had to give a presentation on something I find amazing, and I chose curiosity. When I was on my way out of the building (via the gift shop, LOVE me a museum gift shop!) this was in my eyeline, so I had to buy it. Not only is it a subject I love but it's a great souvenir for my day too. 

I'm having a bit of a paperback revival at the moment. I've really missed the feel of books in recent months. I love audiobooks and I will buy a book in Kindle format if it's more economical, but if I can get a hardcopy at a low price, I will buy it. I end up passing on 95% of my books to friends or to charity anyway, so they get loved lots. They just feel great. I love books. I'm not the only person who always has a few books on the go at the same time, right? At the moment I'm rotating two paperbacks, one eBook and an audiobook. My brain likes to be kept busy!

I've bought some items for a costume that I'm working on for an event this month, but more about on a later post when you'll get to see me wearing it.

With You, Rebel X

The next couple of things were impulse purchases; totally uplanned but unable to resist. First, and courtesy of the Secret Sales website, more of my beloved Crocs flips!

My first pair are pretty much dead from two hard summers, I still have a back-up pair that I bought in the end-of-season sales last autumn but when I saw these blue ones for £22, I couldn't resist. They really are the most comfortable flip flops ever. I'm so glad I've stocked up.

If you follow me on social media (links at the top of my sidebar, if you've not found me anywhere else yet) you'll have seen a lot of my face in recent weeks. I had one of those weeks last week where I opened a new eyeliner pen and my eyeliner flicks hit their A-game.

Hot damn! Dat eyeliner. Dem flicks. 

The eyeliner I use is Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner and it's nothing short of miraculous. It does exactly what it says on the tin. However, opening this pen was the last of my reserves so I jumped on the Stila website to order a few more (yes, I bulk buy, the one time I ran out and couldn't find it anywhere in any stores I was bereft). While on the Stila website I clicked into the clearance section and picked up a couple more bargains:

I got their CC Colour Correction Stick with SPF 20 in shade 02 for half price (£14), which, for a stick, is very creamy but light, and the After Glow Lip Colour (yes, I bought UV lipstick  - RAVE!) in shade Tangerine Dream for £6. I'm a big fan of orange lip colours; I can't wear red well, so orange is my red as it really suits my skin tone. This doesn't feel like a pencil at all, it feels like a lipstick so it goes on smoothly after a lick of lipbalm and has some excellent staying power - it's up there with my Chanel for that.

So, that's me done for the month. All that, a few nights out, one credit card bill and I'm spent. Thankfully I was far more sensible this month, spread my shopping out, bought some from the U.S and spotted extras in sales later down the line, so we're halfway through August and I'm still waiting for some things to be delivered - I like it when that happens because then you start getting mystery parcels delivered to your desk as you've forgotten what you've ordered! 

I'm not going to total all that up because I think I might cry, but my gosh, it was a good shopping month and it was worth it. 
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