The September Round-Up

I'm back from my blogging break with a HUGE post. Get ready to read!

My September has been nicely punctuated with activity, but my mind has been dominated by this:

... yes, taking photos of posters at tube stations. Not really, COSMONAUTS, BABY! 

I've spent a lot of September getting ready for my gig on this exhibit at the Science Museum. As much as I was given information on the major pieces of the exhibit (there's approx 150 items in it), I want to be able to put everything into context (and know what I'm talking about, as that's what I'm there for!) so here's my reading: 

From the Russian Revolution to Mir. That's a lot of Russian science history to get through! I don't have much background experience on this subject so a lot of it is brand new to me and therefore really interesting. 

As the days ticked by so much appeared on Twitter under the Cosmonauts hashtag, when Dallas Campbell tweeted me, I got a little excited.

I worked on the first ever Friday night late opening at the Museum, which was specifically for this exhibit and it felt so exciting. If you're in London in the next 6 months do come and see it, it's incredible. I'm biased, granted, but it really is something special. Some of these items have never been seen outside Roscosmos, so they really are world exclusives. You can read some more about the stories from the exhibition here, on the Science Museum blog.

source: The Londonist

I spent the bank holiday and the start of the month being sensible and tidying up my life, this meant getting some hardcore tagging done in Money Dashboard and taking a lot of my belongings to the charity shops. I committed to going minimal this year and I've finally done it. More on both of these things in posts over the next couple of months. I know how much you guys love reading about when I have a good declutter! 

I did some cool social things too. First up, I went to St. Paul's Cathedral early one Saturday morning as I wanted to climb the galleries. 

85m up and 528 steps

Three levels of galleries with staircases getting steeper and more narrow the higher you go, by the time I reached the Golden Gallery I felt like Indiana Jones! 

Indiana Jones in denim shorts, of course. 

But when you do get to the top, you're rewarded with a beautiful view: 

I still can't look at the Millennium Bridge without thinking of Harry Potter

I obscured the Walkie Talkie for you. You're welcome. 

 And you get a badge for doing it. I'm yet to outgrow badge-based rewards.

I had a good look around the Cathedral and Crypt, both of which are incredibly beautiful, I lit a candle and then raided the gift shop. My mum has lucked out and got another vulgar Christmas decoration for her tree this year!

I never tire of this tradition. My mum must love it. 

And as next month we have to start paying for carrier bags in stores in England, I figured it was a good excuse to stock up on another canvas one: 

If you go to St. Paul's, ask to Gift Aid your entry fee. The Cathedral gets a bit more money and to say thank you, you're given free entry for a year. I'll be taking full advantage of that and going back on a clear, sunny day to take more photos from the top. 

After all that climbing, I met some of my girlfriends for brunch at Hush Brasserie. Some of these girls I hadn't seen for 3 years, 1 of them I'd never met but we've been friends online for a couple of years, so it was nice to actually see her in the flesh (and awesome hair). Bars of London beware: you offer us bottomless bellinis, we will drink FIFTY SIX of them in two hours. Yes we did. We are ridiculous. 


I spent a Friday night indulging my nerdy side in the pop-up Twin Peaks experience of The Owls Are Not What They Seem

'I'm Audrey Horne and I get what I want' 

This is very hushed project, kind of like Secret Cinema, but restaurant/bar based. I went to the bar with a friend in a secret location in Zone 1 for a night of David Lynch based weirdness. More about that in it's own post next month. It was the best. THE BEST!

And let's not forget the very important matter of NEW DOCTOR WHO MONTH!

How apt was my calendar? 

But we're also saying goodbye to Jenna Coleman. As much as they had NOT A DAMN CLUE to do with Clara's character (she was subject to some bloody awful script decisions) I'll be sad to see Jenna go as she's a fantastic actress. Who's next? Me? Is it me? It should be me. I'd be a great companion. I'll be sure to tell Mr. Capaldi this when I meet him in November.

I've sat and looked back at this summer during September, mostly via my Instagram feed. That's been like a scrapbook of all the fun things I did, it was great to look over 3 months and I can't believe how much I managed to get into my summer. One recent photo made me think:

This was one Friday after a long week at work, I worked a little later than everyone else and took myself for a glass of wine by the river. I didn't get into my book as I was enjoying 2 podcasts whilst sitting in the sunshine so much. But this photo symbolises something important from this summer - the time I've spent comfortably by myself. I say quite frequently that I love my own company and would genuinely choose my own company over enforced conversation with someone else, and this summer I've spent some good time doing just that. I've never been someone who's afraid to do things on their own; hell, if we all did that think of the things in life we'd miss out on! But this year I've stopped trying to justify it. I just do it. I remember when I was watching Whose Line in July I was sat in the theatre feeling so content there, just me and my love of what was happening on stage. I couldn't imagine missing out on that because I had no one to go with. It's great when I have people who do want to do these things too, really great, then I have someone to discuss what's just been seen with, but I feel genuinely happy and comfortable in my own company these days. I don't need armour or defenses, I'm happy with just me. That's a very enlightening feeling. I really like me, just as I am.

Stuff from around the interwebs this month: 

Podcasts! I've discovered lots of new ones and have been posting about them on my Facebook page. If you love audio treats as much as I do, come over, get inspired and have a listen to things like Invisibilia.

The Danger of the Wellness Blog Craze (via Mail Online). As much as I loathe linking to the Daily Fail, this article is pretty important. As a former Healthy Living Blogger (and Diet School Dropout) I know how much of this whole online industry is bollocks. I encountered several bloggers during my time in that circle who had pretty serious eating disorders which they don't admit to on their blogs but put themselves out there as dietary and exercise role models - I was no exception. I fully admit that I had disordered eating habits and an obsession with diets and weight loss. The more we all speak up and recognise that health is achievable at every size, then the more people will be comfortable in themselves and be proud of who they are. Not just what they weigh and what their dress size is. 

3 Ways to Fight Diet Culture's Toxic Messages and Love Yourself When Gaining Weight (via Everyday Feminism). An important message that I've been discussing a lot with people over the last month. I've got a couple of posts lined up about this kind of thing myself, so look out for those in the next month. 

Take Better Selfies. - via Medium. I love a selfie. I'm definitely pro-selfie. I think they're good for self-esteem, self-acceptance and can make you feel great on days when you're not feeling too great. I think of them as photographic pep-talks. 'No, I'm being a prat, I do actually look good today' ::skips away::

17 Times Richard Ayoade Was The Hero We Needed (via Buzzfeed). 'I'm a nerd, leave me be.'

Rob Lloyd's final installment in his Nerd Trilogy: The Heart Awakens. After his Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who inspired shows, this is the final act, and it's Star Wars based. Damn you Melbourne Fringe Festival, you get so lucky with this. His posters are amazing too. I want them all. 

Recipes on the Raw Till Whenever website - Derek & Hannah are my favourite YouTube couple and their website is jam-packed with great recipes. I may not be vegan, but I know good food when I see it (and the way Derek cooks fries is a lifechanger!)

I've got some great articles coming to you over the next couple of months, some quite personal with heavy subjects, some about my adventures and some about my efforts to make my living space tidier. Being a lifestyle blogger means you're never too restricted with what you consider content, so you're getting everything from me over the next couple of months, EVERYTHING!

Ahhh, it's good to be back :)

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