The October Round-Up

That autumn feeling is rolling in isn't it? Quick! Put the heating on!

I'm a bit hit and miss about autumn, mostly because to me it's allergy season but it sure does look pretty. 

I started my month with all the important tasks, like getting my eyes tested. It had been 2.5 years since I'd bothered to get this done but it's like any essential health check, it's got to be done. Plus, I love looking at those massive photos of my retinas and seeing how my eyes work - it's amazing! Anyway, I've no macular degeneration (but my optician advised me to always wear my sunglasses when it's sunshine bright out - yes, even in winter) and that my prescription had only changed a teeny, tiny bit in one eye. I'm on a very small prescription anyway, so he advised that my glasses will still work perfectly and no new ones were required. Phew! That not only saves me some money but it means I can just carry on with the glasses I have. Love the styles I wear so I'm in no hurry to change them. 

After that, it was time for a gig (as it's been a while, right?) and it was one I was very, very excited about  - Weird Al Yankovic at the Hammersmith Apollo.

Oh my dear life, this was such a good gig. I love Weird Al because he's such a clever lyricist (I'm a sucker for clever lyrics) and he's hilarious but this show was beyond what I could have expected. All my favourites! All the costume changes from the whole band! All the running around the Apollo!  All the accordion playing! That man is such a performer. It was an amazing show. I wish I could see it again. If you get the chance to see him - GO!

After that I had a Friday night at the beloved Prince Charles Cinema watching Scream. I've started watching the Netflix series based on this film series during October and I'm enjoying it. It's a bit silly-slasher-teen-drama-y still, but it's been brought bang up to date with lots of bits about cyberstalking thrown it. It's put me right off answering calls from unknown numbers, let's put it that way!

I've had a couple of nights out in London to Piano in South Kensington and the SMWS in Farringdon:

My Welsh BFF came to town for a lunch date, trip to Whole Foods and a catch up:

I had a theatre binge, one on Saturday, one tonight, look how pretty the Hammersmith Lyric is:

There was supposed to be three theatre trips this week, then this happened:

Yep, stomach flu, which has wiped me out for almost this whole week. It's a good job I write blog posts in advance, otherwise adding this photo and a couple of sentences would not have happened.

Oh, I've done a few more shifts at the Science Museum too (and friends came to see me there, which was awesome). Who's a busy girl?

I've started Project Cosplay for cons next year. As I've got two HUGE events next summer I'm going to be fully kitted out and dressed to impress. Designs have been planned and fabrics have been ordered. I can't wait to see these come to life.

Working on a damn fine skirt ... 

YOU GUYS! I finally finished Mad Men! Given that I started watching this show in January 2014, that was a loooooong project. I wasn't ready for it to end so I put off watching the final series for MONTHS and when I did give in and watch it, I spaced out the two halves. I've spent almost 2 years of my life with these characters, it was hard to let them go. The last half of series 7 really is spectacular though, it finished the stories perfectly.


Articles from me this month:

A quick thank you to everyone who contacted me after my Diet Mentality post published. It was a hard post to write and an even harder one to publish but I'm glad I did, the response from people has been incredible. Some people just wanted to check I was okay, some people wanted to say they're in a similar situation, some just wanted to talk about their relationship with their body image and some wanted to have a good chat about how feminism gets involved in this stuff. As it's something I'm really passionate about I've loved people getting in touch to chat, more please! The more we talk about it, the better things will get. Talk! Use the resources I mentioned! Read some books! Challenge your views!

I also graffiti'd the crap out of my weighing scales. My next move is to throw them away, but right now making then unappealing is the first step. Plus it was fun to do.

Hey, you know how you could get my posts sent to you on the day they publish? You can subscribe by email to this blog! There's a new little section in my sidebar where you can do that. When you scroll back up look to the right, you'll see it. Stick your email address in there and you'll get me and my wordy rappinghood delivered directly to your inbox every week, you lucky thing.

Things from around t'internet that I like this month: 

November will be starting with a holiday (finally!), then it's non-stop into more volunteering, more conventions, more theatre and more visits from friends.

But first, I've got to get myself healthy again. 

Stay warm, friends. Winter is coming. 
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