The Owls Are Not What They Seem

I've achieved a lot of my nerd life goals this year. I've run around the TARDIS console in my chucks at the Doctor Who Experience, I've been a character in Star Wars when I went to Secret Cinema and last month I freaked myself out and stood in the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks when I went to London's weirdest new pop-up dining and drinking experience The Owls Are Not What They Seem.

This is going to be a tricky post to write, as I don't want to give anything away, but I want to tell EVERYONE who likes Twin Peaks to go to this as it is wonderful: wonderfully immersive and wonderfully creepy. David Lynch would be so proud.

It's heavily based on Fire Walk With Me, so give that another watch before you go to get you in the right mood and frame of mind. Walk through the red drapes with an open heart and proceed to be freaked out beyond all recognition. 

My friend and I bought bar tickets (£6), as I wasn't keen on doing the dining experience (£66.50 - and I've got a dairy allergy which means I'm a pain to cater for) so we only had access to The Owl's Nest part of the experience (not the RR Diner) but that was the only area you lose access to - you can still get to all the other rooms and parts of the experience - and there's a lot more of it than you think there is. You can just sit in the bar and drink the amazing Lynchian themed cocktails (I highly recommend the Blue Velvet one, all cocktails are a reasonable £7) and enjoy the cabaret acts but if someone hands you a note (or one of the Sheriff's deputies drops one on the floor in front of you) pick it up and get involved. You'll be sent on a little clue-solving adventure. 

The actors are great in here, they're wonderful in character. Deputy Andy was frighteningly accurately incompetent (bless him) and Leo was coked off his face and was offering me rails (pretty sure it was sherbert ... don't worry authorities, it's not a drug den!). They made the whole place seem real. 

It is scary. Shit scary. During our clue-solving adventure my friend and I genuinely spent 10 minutes working up the courage to walk through a curtain. A CURTAIN. We are adult women and we were TERRIFIED. 

The faces of two adult women, hiding in the toilets. Freaked. 

There's lots of little things hidden around the place and lots of rooms to venture into, you've just got to be brave enough to do it (go get a Cherry Bomb cocktail if you get the wibbles). 

You can take a lot of photos (I don't want to share too many of as I don't want to spoil it for anyone) and I definitely got a bit carried away in the Black Lodge because it's so iconic! I genuinely got chills walking through that room, you never know what's lurking ... 

Can you see Laura Palmer lurking in the corner behind me? *freaks out*

I left feeling elated. It was one of the best nights out I've had in London for a long time, and it cost SIX POUNDS. The tickets are still on sale, if you're a fan of the show I urge you to go. You will not be disappointed. 

If you do go, make sure you graffiti in the toilets. Favourite quotes were the theme ... 

And do let me know if you spot my addition:

Tickets here.
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