Hello lovely readers, I've been away to my spiritual home - Italy.

I'm using this as a good excuse to spam you with a few photos and write few words, basically I want another week off, so here's a little run down of my trip.

There were beautiful Florentine sights, by day:

and by night:

I went to Siena:

I saw some of the most amazing tombs:



Sat on my favourite staircase in the Bargello:

(Sidenote: Mr Capaldi, I claimed it first -)

And the food! All the food!

I did a little shopping for all life's essentials: jazzy pasta, Florentine soap and ridiculously expensive Tuscan chocolate:

And of course, visited Hannibal filming location hotspots!

What's that? My first photo looks familiar? Not sure what you mean ...

*Bedelia Love!*

The weather was sunny, warm, blue skies and 20 degrees each day, I slept a lot and walked a lot, got into the habit of starting every dinner with a pasta dish before my main course and discovered that sulphites in wine give you the nastiest hangovers, as in Italy I woke every morning as fresh as a daisy. 

Major holiday come down now. I'm going to eat some pasta to cheer myself up and cannot wait to go back ... 
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