The November Round-Up

Hello November, you were a brief month, I feel like I've barely seen you!

Baby, you're a fiiiiiiiirework! 

What an odd month! Its been unseasonably warm in London, I've only just put my winter coat on in the last week of the month and there's still been raspberries growing in my garden. What is this madness?

I think I've documented this month pretty well in my posts:

Theatre Binge
Doctor Who Festival

In between all that I've watched a lot of Amy Schumer (oh my gosh, I love this woman!), been to the dentist, done a lot of walking (we've got a steps competition going at work and some of the team are getting VERY competitive!) and done a lot of reading:

I went to see Derren Brown's show, Miracle, on its London run, which I'm going to attempt to write a non-spoilery review of in the coming weeks.


Last weekend my friend came to London for a catch-up weekend, we hadn't seen each other since the summer, so we both had a serious life download to complete ... which involved brunch and wine.

I've been decluttering again, selling clothes and shoes on eBay and tagging in Money Dashboard like crazy. My spending is in check and my belongings are lessening by the day. Awesome!

Gotta love a healthy Paypal balance!

I've got a post about going minimal publishing next week, if that sort of thing rings yo bell.

I've realised I'm halfway through my time at the Science Museum! I've only 3 months left now and then I'll be a space cadet no more. I've loved volunteering, but I've decided I won't be hopping onto a new gallery. I have got two new projects in the pipeline for 2016, but more about those next year. I'm also planning on having a blog redesign happen over Christmas, so watch out for that!

Speaking of the distant future, I know what I'll be doing for my birthday in 2017 ...


YAAAS! I've treated myself to tickets for parts I & II, one of which lands on my 38th (eep!) birthday. So at least that birthday night out is sorted!

Things I like from around the Internetz this month: 

Too Big to Fail - the ten cool rules: a really interesting article about health written by my brother, what a talented family we are :) - via LinkedIn

My friend Rob is in the Radio Times with a LEGO Tardis! He was doing some promo work for Doctor Who Festival Australia, as he was a panel host. ONYA LLOYDY!

Summer Innanen's Podcast about Body Image & Self Love - reading selections from her new book on the same subjects. It's well worth a listen.

Holiday Weight Gain Myths - turns out, it's bullshit. Surprise!  - via Refinery29

Clara's TARDIS memorial from the scene at the end of Face the Raven  - because, OOF! RIGHT IN THE FEELS.  - via BBC Doctor Who

The thing all women do that you don't know about - oooh, nothing enrages me like a cat-call. The last guy who did it to me got a mouthful from me when he did it to me in Tesco(!).  There's no need for it at all.

December is starting well this year, I'm going to see Madonna at the o2, then it's party season. I've a couple more theatre trips lined up too, more about those next month though.

I've really got to start Christmas shopping too, heh. I've left that late this year! A sure sign my life's super busy these days - I no longer have time to shop.

So, tree up, festive candles lit, mulled wine ready? Let's do this December thing.
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