The December Round-Up

Last post of the month and last post of the year, both on the same day! Well played Pope Gregory XIII, well played.


Did I really just make a Gregorian calendar joke? Why yes, yes I did. YOU'RE WELCOME. 

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Ditching the Diet: Finding Your Food Chill

Some of the questions I get asked the most when people want to talk about quitting the diet mentality are around the same theme, how have my eating habits changed?  My favourites are: 

So, do you just eat everything?
How do you know when to stop?
Do you just binge all the time?
Do you eat junk food all the time now you can?
I'd never stop eating! How do you make yourself stop?
I'd be obese by now if I stopped dieting, how have you not ballooned? 

Wow. It's a lot to take in but these are all questions that I had floating around in my head before I took this path, so I'm always happy to talk about it and address people's questions about life after dieting ends. 

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Derren Brown: Miracle

Last month I went to see one of my favourite mind-messers, Derren Brown, in his latest show Miracle

Having spent a considerable amount of my life hanging out with magicians, this was not my first rodeo. I have seen every live show that Derren has done. Oh yes, I proper love this shit.

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Going Minimal

Remember the post from the start of this year where I cleared out my wardrobe (which might as well have been at gunpoint, given how stressful it was) and then placed myself on a six-month spending ban? Well, you might be shocked to hear that the clearout and ban worked - it made me think about my belongings more, realistically assess what I need and then start the process of becoming minimal.

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