Derren Brown: Miracle

Last month I went to see one of my favourite mind-messers, Derren Brown, in his latest show Miracle

Having spent a considerable amount of my life hanging out with magicians, this was not my first rodeo. I have seen every live show that Derren has done. Oh yes, I proper love this shit.

This is not an easy review to write because I don't do spoilers. In fact, I hate them. So you won't get a damn thing from me regarding the intricate details of the show. I know, what am I writing? Bear with me, I do have things to say but I want to be careful with my wording. 

First up, Andy Nyman has his paws on the production of this one which to me is great news. I love Andy Nyman's direction of theatre shows; as an actor you can see that this guy knows his stuff. Any shows that Derren has created which has had Nyman's input has always been a beauty. He crafts a show with a flow; not just a staged magic event. Credit to Derren for writing a show which can be run in a such a beautiful way too. I'd never describe these things as 'magic shows', they are exceptional pieces of theatre which engage you and suspend your disbelief (has it even been as important for this to happen as when magic is happening in front of you?).

On the writing, Derren's shows often carry a theme or run with a message. In his last show Infamous, he spoke through a very candid opening about his sexuality and how many of us are trapped within our perceptions of ourselves: 

He also does a wonderful monologue towards the end of the show about the bullying he was subjected to at school (Dickbrains unite! became an online thing after this show). He mixes his own form of magic and performance with some storytelling, which makes for a really engaging show. Miracle is no exception to this, everyone gets involved, no matter how British we try to be hiding in the dark safety of the stalls seats - you're in this with everyone else in the theatre, so get on with it, you'll love it. 

If you liked his tv special Miracles for Sale, you'll get an idea of some of the things that might occur in this show. Done live, they're even more spectacular and make for some interesting viewing and thought provoking discussion on the tube home. 

It's one to see live. Yes, it will appear on DVD at some point, but this one I really recommend live. Really, really. You'll get the most out of it in a theatre, so if you can get there, please do so. 

As I said, I'm not doing spoilers because we all promised Derren we wouldn't and I don't like them. Despite spending so much of my time with magicians I still have no idea how the large majority of things are done. Yes, you can Occam's razor your way through the explanations if you wish, however that still doesn't explain the art, skill, craft or performance here - it's that mix which makes it special. I don't want spoilers to ever ruin how special things are when you seen them the first time, and in this case there really is no exception. 

All I will say is I'm never going for dinner with that man and certainly never lending him 50p. 

Miracle is at the Palace Theatre in London until 16th January 2016 and will be touring the UK following. Dates and info can be found here
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