The December Round-Up

Last post of the month and last post of the year, both on the same day! Well played Pope Gregory XIII, well played.


Did I really just make a Gregorian calendar joke? Why yes, yes I did. YOU'RE WELCOME. 

I schedule posts for Friday mornings, as I figure we're all at work with a coffee trying to get through the last day of the week but this post falls on Christmas Day. Awesome! Albeit none of you are reading this until much later in the evening when you've watched Doctor Who and have run out of wine, but I'm cool with that. It's nice to have you here whenever you can make it. I appreciate every single one of you that reads this blog, it's nice to share my life with you. 

Anyhoo, this was my December. It was a very exciting month. 

I started my month with Madonna. As you do.

Pole Dancing Nuns ... only Madonna. 

I last went to a Madonna show in 2009 at Wembley and it was ... okay. I really dislike Wembley as a music venue as I don't think it makes anything sound good, you're outdoors and the tube stations are an absolute nightmare (especially if the Queen of Pop is 45 minutes late to get on stage...) however, this time our queen was at the o2, so I was more than happy to see her again. I loved this show, it was a great mash-up of her current album and a lot of her old stuff. She even sang Burning Up whilst playing a Flying-V like a total rock badass. It was amazing!


I danced to Holiday, Material Girl, Who's That Girl  ...  classics all night, it was fantastic. 

At the end of the same week, I had my work Christmas party at the Strand Palace Hotel in Covent Garden. That meant breaking out the blue velvet dress (thank you Everything5Pounds) and bling.

My mummy came to visit during the following week. This meant an afternoon off work fooling about in central London and dinner in Covent Garden. Yes, again, but I actually went IN to Covent Garden to see the big tree this time.

Then it was on to the Christmas Compendium of Reason at the Hammersmith Apollo:

There won't be one of these shows next year, which makes me sad! I'll bereft until 2017. A little review of the night will be up on the blog in the New Year.

I did my pre-Christmas volunteering shift at the Science Museum and raided the gift shop for goodies.

That Haynes manual will really come in handy if I'm ever asked to go to the International Space Station. I had visitors that day, all the way from the U.S who had kindly bought something for me a few months back and hand delivered it to me:

MY VERY OWN DROID! BB-8 is an amazing little thing to be rolling around my house. She's currently learning the layout and crashing into things less often. The day when I gave her a test run I also set up the voice commands, I asked BB-8 what she thought (as in what she wanted to do) and she put herself to sleep. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the droid I am looking for! She wants naps, she's so obviously meant to be with me that it's unbelievable.

Following on from my shift, the BBC were setting up camp in the museum for Tim Peake's launch to the ISS, the volunteer manager asked if I'd like to come to the recording of Stargazing Live that was being hosted in the museum on the day of the launch, that was a very firm 'OMG YESSSSS!' from me!

It was the most exciting night, we watched Tim arrive at the ISS and do his first calls. I got to meet the first British astronaut, Helen Sharman. Pretty sure Prof. Cox may think I'm stalking him soon.

On Saturday I met up with my old work colleagues, one of which was back in the UK from Australia for Christmas. After which, I had a brilliant late night out watching the wonderful Margaret Cho performing her one-woman show: 

Sunday was a blur of drinks and kazoos at a Christmas Singalong. Nothing makes you festive quite like singing Fairytale of New York at the top of your lungs.

... and next week - STAR WARS!

I nailed Christmas Jumper Day this year!

I saw the trailer for The Force Awakens on the big screen when I went to watch Spectre and, once again, I burst into tears. I am going to embarrass myself watching this film. I feel I should warn the rest of the people in the audience that day in advance: I'm going to have feels and tears, please just carry on as usual, but I will be accepting Malteasers to get me through this difficult period.

Stuff from me this month: 

Going Minimal
Derren Brown: Miracle
Ditching the Diet: Finding Your Food Chill

I'm loving how many of you are getting on the decluttering bandwagon following my minimal post. As I mentioned at the end of that post, I cannot recommend this book enough to get you started. I know how hard it can be to chuck stuff out and it can be really daunting when you don't know where to even start; this book helps with that. 

Things from the internetz that I think are the bomb-diggity this month: 

Carrie Fisher on Good Morning America - because it's the best 6 minutes of daytime tv you'll ever watch.

Twin Peaks Tarot Cards designs - the pack doesn't exist but I think I'm going to buy a print or two, they're amazing!

Amy Schumer in this photo - because it's just speaking volumes about her and her views on the media when it comes to women's bodies. I LOVE this woman so very much.

The 12th Doctor's NEW Sonic Screwdriver - because YAAAAAS SONICS! That's a new one for my shopping list.

Call Your Girlfriend  - a new podcast discovery for me and a new favourite already.

Reading Summer Innanen's Body Image Remix book which she kindly sent me for being a member of her awesome Facebook group. It's a fabulous book about encouraging body positivity, compassion and rocking your body.

4 things stopping us from ditching diet culture and how to finally let it go - an amazing article from Kaila Prins for Everyday Feminism which speaks volumes to me and reflects about where I feel I am on my 'discovery'.

This year has flown by. All of it. Even the last few months, which is rare! Those longer evenings can kick the crap out of me mentally, but I feel like I've marched on through it this year, I hope I can survive January in the same manner! I bloody hate January. 

I'm glad I invested so much time and effort in myself this year, it probably was the best investment I've ever made. I'm glad I said 'YES!' to almost every opportunity and event that came my way and I'm glad I applied for my voluntary work at the Science Museum, that's something I get to take into the New Year with me and it's given me so much back. I'm currently working on an article all about volunteering, expect that to pop up on your feeds next year.

I've already got some big things in the calendar for 2016 but as usual, I'm just going to embrace what comes and ride with it. There's going to be adventures, for sure. I can't wait to tell you all about them. I'm hoping my blog redesign will go live in the coming weeks, so next time you come back here we'll either be under construction or shiny & new. Either way, new things for a new year. 

But for now, go eat lovely food, drink nice things responsibly and enjoy your festive break (however long or short it may be) and I'll see you next year for more of the same. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, my lovelies.

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