The January Round-Up

BYE FELICIA! Totally over January already.  Was by the 7th. Why is this month always such a struggle? 

Technically this round up covers a bit of December, as I did my December round-up on Christmas day, and I had a whole week more stuff lined up after then! 

One of my friends kindly showed me around his workplace during the Christmas holidays - BBC Broadcasting House in London.

This was so interesting! From the News Room, to all the radio studios (I waved at Dev from R1, saw the studio that Women's Hour broadcasts from and went to Jeremy Vine's studio OMGGgggg). I played in the BBC Audio Drama studios, went to the Radio Theatre and sat in the booth - it was all way too exciting. I got told a lot of history about the building and BBC and loved the juxtaposition of the new, shiny glass bits with the original art-deco bits. 

It's such a beautiful and historic place (with an excellent roof-top balcony where you can look all the way across London). I loved it. 

On NYE, I finally saw Star Wars.

Many Star. Such War. Wow. 

This was the perfect way to end my year. It's a total J.J love letter to Lucas, but he's made some amazing changes to the Star Wars canon. It feels comfortable and yet new and exciting. I want to watch it weekly, it was such an emotional thing having 'old style' Star Wars back in my life but with a kick-ass, strong female lead. I loved every second of that film. 

I made one New Years resolution, learn to use Periscope:

It does me good to try new social stuff and as I don't like Snapchat, I thought I'd give Periscope a try. It's basically a cheats version of YouTube. As I no longer have the patience to upload videos (because they take a goddamn lifetime) and I never edit, I just ramble, I figured Periscope might be a good thing for me. Feel free to come over and listen to my rambles. You can interact too - so it's better than YouTube as far as I'm concerned!

Did everyone else find the first week back a serious struggle? It was lovely to see the evenings slowly getting lighter every day, but I was wiped out for that first week. It did improve from there on. 

Watching a favourite film on a big screen helps winter blues

I saw my first live rugby match this month. Usually I'm a girl who watches them on tv but my friend wanted to go see Richmond play one Saturday, so off we went. It was cold, but I got beer and a Cornish pasty, so I was as happy as a well-fed kitten.

I have to mention THE DEATH WEEK. Oh blimey, that was tough going for any one who grew up in the 1980's, losing Bowie and Rickman within a matter of days of each other. Labyrinth has been rewatched. As has Dogma. It's so strange losing celebrities that have always been in your life  - even if you've never met them - as they've always been there and you naively assume they always will, so it's very odd to think they've gone. Thankfully, and with the power of technology, their work lives on. Professor Snape forever!

I went to see Star Wars AGAIN but this time at the IMAX in the Science Museum, as they have the 70mm copy, and it's the only copy in Europe!

I took the month at a very easy pace. I did a couple of volunteer shifts, I bought some make-up, tidied up my finances, booked some holidays, booked some gigs, gave myself a whole weekend off to relax, caught the dreaded winter cold and tomorrow I'm going to Oxford to say goodbye to a friend who is moving to Australia. I've not been to Oxford for decades; not since I used to go visit my brother at university, so I'm really looking forward to walking around the city a little and appreciating how pretty it is again. 

Stuff from me this month: 

Stuff I liked from around the interwebz this month: 

Carrie Fisher commenting on beauty - I might as well start a Carrie Fisher section of my blog, as she's now featured on a monthly basis. 

Making a Murderer on Netflix - because I need support, so if you could watch it and then come discuss it / throw obscenities out there with me on Twitter, that would be great. 

Ghostbusters prototype action figures - because I need more female action figures in my life and after seeing these film posters, these ladies are top of my list.

Daniel Radcliffe's post about Alan Rickman on Facebook - because the feels, you guys. THE FEELS. 

More day tickets to the Star Wars Celebration being released and lots of my convention buddies buying them - I'm there all weekend but I'm so happy I get to see more of my friends that weekend!

Tim Peake did his first EVA spacewalk on the ISS and everyone went crazy for science - genuinely, I LOVE how much everyone has been enjoying watching Tim's adventures. I hope this gets more people interested in space so I have more people to geek out about science with!

Now, I have to do something unpleasant, I have to address stealing. It's been brought to my attention this month that some of my blog content has been used on another blog. It's not the first time this has happened, and it's not the first time this person has done it, but due to how the person responded last time when I addressed them directly to mediate about this (accusations of bullying and so forth), I feel like my hands are tied with how I can address it. So, I've blocked all the IP addresses that I know they use, hopefully that should work, but just in case ...

Anyone who writes a blog is creative. Creativity is personal and inspirational. Many writers inspire me and when they do, I credit them for it. If I inspire, and you wish to spin-off from one of my blog posts, please do so, I welcome you to do so, but at the very least give me some credit. This isn't about being precious, it's about copyright of my work. If you scroll to the bottom of this page you'll see my copyright blurb:

Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Alex Marshall and Love Life Lexi with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. 

Anyone who writes knows these things aren't just churned out in an hour on an evening after a hard day at work. They take hours; writing, re-writing, editing, adding photos, more editing, SEO tags, even more editing and so on. For someone to just click in, steal your ideas (and even your wording) and use it as their own work is disgraceful. The blogging and writing community is such a good place and it's a shame when some people come along and ruin the name of it.

Please be respectful. Please be mindful. Please give credit where it is (legally) due, otherwise, you will be reported to your blog and website host for copyright infringement and your account wills be closed. I will defend my intellectual property, because theft is not cool with me at all and next time, I won't be as charitable and the matter will get handed over to someone else.

Boring preachy part over. Let's move on.

February means them lighter evenings are a-coming! Hooray! It'll be nice to cut back on the Vitamin D3 supplements soon and have some actual daylight. I'm convinced sitting in artificial light at work all day makes me tetchy, a little more light will be greatly appreciated.

It's been lovely seeing the sunsets slowly getting later this month, it restores all my faith in the universe after such a tough month. Now 2016 is firmly up and running, let's see what happens next. 

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  1. I'll be honest, I've often been tempted to steal not just your content but your are very awesome. But I haven't because I'm not a lazy loser. I'm sorry not everyone has standards, I hope you've managed to block them :)

    1. Aw, thanks Sarah! I hope they give up and leave my work alone too, it's getting a little creepy!

      (and you're awesome just as you are, don't worry)