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I've not written a beauty post for a really long time, and I've been trying lots of new products recently, so ... let me brush off my beauty blogger hat, balance it precariously on my head and tell you what I've been sticking on my face/head/body etc.

This was a really good face day :)

First up, I got a Christmas gift from Tesco this year. I'm never sure why they send me a gift but they do every year, so I always say thank you and see what's in there. This year it was in collaboration with  Rimmel London and contained lots of lovely things! These were my favourites:

Nails: They sent me nail polishes, two of them I tried together immediately as they looked like a good festive combo.

This was two coats of Double Decker Red and a Twinkle Toes Top Coat. I've seen much criticism about Rimmel 60 Second polishes, but I've never had a problem with them. I will caveat that I do always use a basecoat, though, mostly to stop staining and preserve the polish on my nails for longer but it does also help the colour sit on the nails better,

Face: They sent me a tube of Lasting Finish Primer. I'm a bit loyal to my Smashbox primer but, when in Rome ... 

I am impressed. It's not a silicon-feel primer (like Smashbox) it feels more like a thick moisturiser to me, but it works like a fantastic primer. It sinks into the skin quickly, there's no greasy feel and your products sail on over the top. I would definitely repurchase this when I need a primer on a budget. I've stayed away from Rimmel skin products for years as I used to have terrible reactions to some of them but this product has changed my opinions. 

Other items that I've purchased myself recently ...

Face: I placed an order with Urban Decay at the start of December as my one of my favourite YouTubers, Alex, mentioned their Naked Concealer was great for pale girls. Words to my ears!

Best. Concealer. Ever. I don't wear foundation often, so I like my concealer to have good coverage and this really ticks all the boxes. It covers great, feels light on the skin and a little goes a really long way. I'm making it a permanent make-up bag product.

UD also send you a ton of samples too:

I got an eyeliner in the package too, but I gave that straight to a work colleague as it was purple, she saw it and fell in love (I know, I'm so nice!). I've recently given away all my loose eyeshadows, so I was only left with the two neutral Naked Palettes (2 & 3), so these will do nicely for the days when I need a little extra colour. 

Lips: I had some money left on a gift card so I treated myself to a tube of Kiehl's Lip Balm #1

A new product for me, as I tend to use the Body Shop lipbalm pots (in coconut, OMGGggg yum) and when I tried it at first I thought I had completely been mugged off £9 for a small tube of less-greasy Vaseline, but after a couple of uses I did notice a difference in the level of moisture in my lips. I've even put this on my face when I've had a patch of dry skin appear (hey, when you're at your desk all day your improvise) and it worked a treat. It's pricey, so it won't replace my usual lipbalm (I'm currently using an almond oil one I bought in Florence, because nuts, yo) but it might be an annual winter treat.

Face: In the search for a new translucent powder, I settled on Bare Minerals Mineral Veil:

I'm a total novice to mineral make up. I have a MAC Mineralise blush which I like as it's really buildable and blendable, so I assumed this stuff would be the same. It's hard to explain what it does but it sets my make up without all the dustiness of a loose or pressed powder. It just looks natural. After using this product for a week I decided to give the Bare Minerals Starter Kit a go as well (as it was 25% off on LookFantastic), expect more on that at a later date.

I bought a new brush as well, as it's been a long time since I got a new powder brush (and I've been living on using a Sigma Kabuki Brush for YEARS), and it was in the sale I picked up a Real Techniques Powder Brush:

This is a really soft brush which I'm using with my Mineral Veil as it seems to swish all the product up into it well and distributes the minerals evenly over my face. It was on sale (shout out to LookFantastic for enabling these purchases) and it's the most I've spent on a brush for a long time, but it's great value and a great product. I will buy these brushes again.

All in all, a heavy beauty buying couple of months! I rarely shop beauty these days, so these have all felt like a bit of a treat and I've purchased so well that I've found some new staples.

I've still got a few more Rimmel freebies to try out, a new foundation and some BareMinerals to sample, so stay tuned for another post featuring all those goodies in the next month. 

Now all need to find is a good make-up bag to fit it all in ...
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