The February Round-Up

Righto, let's get this show on the road. We'll pick up from the end of January, shall we?

I went to Oxford to hang out with some of my lovely girls for the day and say goodbye to one of them who headed off to Australia this month. We went for lunch and (many) rum cocktails in Turtle Bay and played games in Thirsty Meeples. This was such a great way to spend an afternoon!

I loved the Timeline game so much that I bought it

The next week I went to a lecture at the Science Museum about Staying Alive in Space, hosted by Dr. Kevin Fong:

This was super interesting as the panel consisted of Dr Oleg Orlov, Dr Mark Belakovskiy and Dr Sergey Ryzanskiy from the Institute Of Biomedical Problems, yep space doctors and a cosmonaut! A question from an audience member about potential faith healing in space made me collapse with disbelief, despair and giggles on my friend Martin, but it was entertaining nonetheless. 

The day after that, I was off on another train journey, this time to Bristol to meet my Welsh bestie, Rachel for lunch and a catch-up:

We started with cocktail pitchers at lunch. We don't fuck around. 

I played photography bitch for my friend Anthony (any excuse to get my photo taken, really!)

Photo by Anthony Macey. Lipstick by MAC. Squishy face by Carbohydrates. 

I spent Valentine's Day with my true love ... science, of course!

Cosmonauts gallery ::swoon::

And tomorrow it's convention time again, finally! NERDS; ASSEMBLE!

Everyone loves a crazy blonde

Stuff from me this month:

Reading List: Body Positivity
Workspace Wishlist
You Beauty (part deux)

You guys go MAD for beauty posts! One more coming next week and then I'm done for a bit. The zip on my make-up bag has finally bust. It was an old one (and a second hand one) so the next purchase has to be a massive new one. I'm thinking NYC is the right place to locate such a thing.

And stuff from around the web that I've enjoyed: 

Summer's podcast interview with Ragen Chastain - this is the most body positive interview I've heard EVER. Some of the things people have said to Ragen made me gasp in horror, but her responses made me air-punch with joy.  She's an incredible woman.

Curvy Model in Sports Illustrated alarm! Not only that, but it's the beautiful Ashley Graham. This is serious progress, you guys. 

CURVY FREAKIN' BARBIE DOLLS. Now, I know this is just to appeal to consumerism, but it's a market-lead change. Just like seeing Ashley in SI, it's a start down the long road to realising ALL BODY TYPES ARE OKAY AND WE SHOULD LOOK AT THEM ALL MORE. For real, it changes your brain patterns when you get used to seeing bodies of every size every day, especially in the media. Try it and you'll see the difference in how you look at yourself.

Philippa Moore's book, The Latte Years. Having known Phil on the Healthy Living Blog circuit in my past life, I used to love her blog Skinny Latte Strikes Back. When she announced a book was coming out awhile back I couldn't wait to read it. It's a truly wonderful book. I never knew Phil pre-Strike Back years, so it was incredible to hear her tales. Some of it really struck a chord as parts are very reminiscent of my own adventures in life and it's so comforting to know someone, especially someone REAL, has been through some of the same experiences. I can't recommend it enough and I flew through the (almost) ten hours of audio book within 5 days. Onya Phil, brilliant work, beautifully written.

Superdrug sticking two fingers up at the Tampon Tax - because it's a stupid tax and it's nice that someone is doing something about it. Stupid tax. Stupid, stupid tax.

I'm fast coming to the end of my volunteer gig at the Science Museum. It's been the best winter of my life being one of their Cosmonauts Volunteers and I feel so lucky to have been given an opportunity to work in such an inspiring place with amazing people. I will definitely be searching for more voluntary roles in the future. I'd love to get into another museum.

I watched Living on One Dollar on Netflix in January and it made me think about the amount of money I spend on food. I'm pretty thrifty and I eat mostly unprocessed foods but it even made me think about how much my food bills are.

Therefore, I gave myself a bit of a challenge, to use cheap staples are the main parts of the majority of my meals throughout February.

You'd be surprised how many things you can do with potatoes and lentils. I was surprised. I'm not someone who cooks with meat very often (but I always eat it when I'm out for lunch or dinner) so this has been a really enjoyable challenge and I've been making some really nice yet simple stuff.

My shopping bill total spend dropped to an average of £26 per week. IN WAITROSE (with the odd trip to Lidl for vegetables when I got a spare weekend). That is some lean food spending! I was so well fed that I'll happily continue this from here on.

(Honourable mention to Raw Til Whenever and their brilliant cookbooks and YouTube videos for helping me find nice things to eat. Their Red Lentil Chili recipe is the bomb.)

If I'm honest, amazing social life aside, February wasn't great out in the real world at times. There's been a lot of stress and emotions running high, it's wrung me out a bit. All my lovely friends have been on hand to cheer me up and do cool things with me, which I'm very grateful for. March is going to be another very busy month, I've got stuff scheduled like crazy until just before Easter, then I'll be having that weekend off, before I ramp up the pace again. 

My birthday is coming up too and this year it's my scary age. Does anyone else have this? It's the age you think about when you're young, which feels miles away and sounds really grown up. I thought 'when I hit that age, I'll have my entire life sorted out and it'll be plain sailing from there on'. Look how naive I was! More about that next month. 

In the meantime, forever onwards, friends. Keep smiling. 

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