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You know what you guys haven't seen for a long time? My desk.  Remember when I set up my little workspace in the corner of my living room way back in autumn 2014? It's evolved a little since then.

If only I was always this tidy ...

I've become a bit of a binge writer over the last year. This means that some weeks I don't get near my desk at all, and some weeks I spend two solid days at it. The photo above is what it looks like when it's not being used, and therefore I've given it a tidy, on the binge weekends it looks a bit more like this:

A result of lots of hard work, this messiness ... 

Granted, it's not a pit, but it does collect clutter at times. It's not random clutter; the contents usually are reflections on what's going into my blog as opposed the desk being used for a general dumping ground, (I have handbags for that purpose) but things do stray onto it like books, lanyards from events, event guides, beauty products, dvds and so on.

Anyhoo, the point of this post is to discuss my space and create a bit of wishlist for what I'd like next. I'm hopefully moving in the not-too-distant future and that will mean setting up a new home for my writing work. I find my creativity comes easier in the right space, so it'll be an important part of setting up a new home for me  - finding the right place and layout for my writing area.

Let me talk you through the mess you see above.

I like to have nice things to look at as I work, so my wallpaper and screensaver is an important thing to me. My mind wanders, I find if I have things to look at which make me think it helps keep my focus (this is why I was always terrible at studying in libraries and was banned from sitting at desks near windows at school, I'm a sucker for people watching). My wallpaper is usually something science related, in this case it's the view of London at night from the International Space Station, and my screensaver is a gallery of all my favourite pieces of art; from Hopper's Nighthawks to Magritte's La Clarivoyance

Then it's on to the boring essentials, like pens and Post-its. I know I don't need a whole pot full of pens, but yet I like to have one. Yes, I have a multi-pen (the one where you click on the different tabs for different colour inks). Yes, I have highlighters and Sharpies. I like to be prepared for every (stationery) eventuality. I have a few notebooks too, mostly used for note taking during events to aid writing reviews and shopping lists. Doesn't mean they can't be pretty, though! 

My desk is small, well, it's smaller than I'd like, but it's cosy. I like decoration on it but not things like flowers or candles; it's my workspace, not my spa. I like to fill it with little nerdy things and bits that inspire me. I have a pack of affirmation cards, Princess Leia from Star Wars and a cup that holds all my cables for tech. It's a Saturday's Child mug, which I love as I'm a Saturday child and it looks minimal with it's clean, silver font. The coaster was a gift from a friend on her travels through Rome. 

My desk is white, which I love, but it's also great if you're short on space. When it's clear and tidy it looks much bigger and spacious. I swear minimalism is a bit of an optical illusion at times!

I have a small halogen lamp on my desk. I don't like bright lighting in a room, so this tops up my light supply when I need it on an evening (my desk is currently next to a window). Having a small light focusses the rays directly onto my keyboard and makes my workspace feel cosy and enclosed. 

BB-8 beautifully demonstrating my lighting arrangement ::beams::

Then it's onto the extra bits, like a good pair of earphones as I like to work to music (I'm a chronic desk dancer), chargers for my tech (I'm also a chronic multitasker), storage for magazines (currently full of graphic novels, photos from conventions, birthday cards and reading on the Russian Revolution), a letter rack (jam-packed with postcards and visitor passes) and even my little R2-D2 is a storage pot. I maximise every bit of space that I have. 

A new work area in a new place would be a fresh start, so what would I change?

I'd like a bigger desk for a start. Something wider. Ideally I'd like my desk to also be a bit of a dressing table, somewhere to apply my make-up too.  I'd like to invest in a platform to go under my monitor to stash my keyboard and trackpad, freeing up more space on my desk for other uses as mentioned above.

I'm desperate for a new chair. My current folding £6 Ikea one is great for space saving but not exactly the most comfy. It's good for my posture though, which is something I always consider when buying seating. 

If you could see under my desk you'd see all my storage boxes (which look like bigger version of what BB-8 is sat on). Eventually I'd like these to be next to my desk, or on top of some furniture so that the splashes of colour can be seen in my room and my legs can be stretched!

The important thing to me when I'm working is to feel comfortable, almost cosy. As I'm a binge writer I can set up camp at my desk for the long haul, I like to make my desk somewhere that I want to be that makes me happy as a gaze around but doesn't distract me too much.

What about when a workspace at home is not an option or you simply want to work from an office location more often? There's a whole market for flexible working spaces popping up in London. WeWork have just opened some new, beautiful London office spaces and not only offer these amazing places, but also tons of benefits and discounts for people who freelance, run their own business or are thinking about creating a startup.

My workspace is a work in progress. Expect another post when I'm up and running from my new location.
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