You Beauty (Part II)

As my last beauty post was so well received (seriously, it's my fifth most read post ever, proving that geeks also like lipstick) and I’ve still got some products to talk about, you can have another one. With even more selfies. Yaaaaas!


First up, I’m still digging through my Rimmel goodie bag that Beauty at Tesco sent me before Christmas. Here’s what I’ve tried this month.

ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Pencil in Black. I’m very much a liquid-pen flicky-eyeliner girl, but on days when I want a softer look, a kohl pencil fills the gap nicely. When I use kohl, I line my top lashline (thicker at the outside, tapering in) and then smudge it with a cotton bud for a soft line to look natural. This kohl is great at smudging and thick enough to provide definition, with the added bonus that it’s waterproof. It stays on well all day. I’m a big fan, I will repurchase.

Already got half my make-up all over this. Great. 

SuperCurler 24 Hour Volume & Curl Mascara in Black I didn’t like this mascara when I first used it. Serious misjudgement! I have very long, very fair eyelashes (joys of being blonde) so I like my mascaras to be thick and give good definition. I do not need length or volume. I used this mascara on clean lashes and it did very little for definition, so I wrote it off as one that’s not for me.  However, then I read the tube (yes afterwards, classic Lexi) and it said it could be used alone or as a top coat. So, I did my usual coat of YSL Babydoll and top coated with this. Perfect, long, curled lashes without having to use my eyelash curler!

Due to it only being suitable as a top coat for me and it’s something that can be achieved with a product I already own, it won’t be a repurchase. But if nothing else, it’s taught me to ALWAYS READ THE LABEL! 

The Only 1 Lipstick in Best of the Best I will level with you readers, I’ve shied away from bright lipsticks for a long time. I have a couple of bronzey oranges and deep plums, but I’ve tended to lean towards nudes and neutrals because I didn’t like attention being drawn to my lips too much. In honesty (and this is terribly embarrassing for a grown woman to admit) I was teased mercilessly in my younger days for my lips, as like the rest of me, they’re rather full figured. However in the spirit of acceptance, and having a banging pout, I have slowly been working around to brighter colours. Then I got sent this:

Not a colour I would have bought in a million years but I bloody love it!

Yes, it makes my lips go *POW!* but I’m cool with that. In fact, I really like it. This lead onto a purchase …  Sleek Matte Me Lipcolour in Petal

Again, a colour I would have shied away from but I loved the idea of a matte colour, so I thought I’d give it a go.

Dat pout, tho. BOOM!

I’ve been advised to buy 14 tubes of this by people who’ve seen me wearing it as apparently this is my colour. Who knew? Matte lip colour is a bit strange as it dries onto your lips (but doesn’t dry them out, I tend to use a little lip balm before applying two coats of the colour) and it doesn’t get your hair stuck in it on blustery days. I’m a fan, especially now that my hair is so much longer.  The range is limited to a small number of colours (six) but I might invest in another bright for summer when my skin tone changes slightly.

Next up, as promised, a review of the BareMinerals starter kit.

I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos on this (A LOT) and when polling my beauty friends about this I was told it does need to be tried to see if I’d like it,  as it was on sale in January this seemed like the time to try it. I think I paid £30 for this kit, so I figured if I didn’t get on with it I wouldn’t have lost too much money or be wasting huge amounts of products. I purchased the Fairly Light kit, because yanno, pale girl.

I will recommend you watch a video on how to apply this when you first use it because as much as the instructions tell you to use a little and blend for ages, you really must use a little and blend for ages. Seriously, fire up a YouTube video and work on your face along with it, you’ll lose any temptation to rush (if you're stuck for one to watch, try this one by Shelbey Ashburn, if nothing else just for her amazing accent).

I’m definitely more of a Matte foundation girl, as it’s a slightly different colour to the Original, and I wasn’t afraid to build, coat on coat, which made for light to medium coverage. I’m wildly enamoured with the Warmth bronzer – and I’m not a bronzer girl at all – but this stuff (albeit you have to apply it VERY sparingly) really does do what it says on the lid; it gives your skin beautiful warmth, something mine desperately needs after applying foundation as I am the palest of the pale. Mineral Veil you can go crazy with, the more the merrier, it just finishes the look nicely.

The first attempt was a raging success!

I’m such a fan. It’s very easy to apply, gives the kind of light, natural coverage that I like and doesn’t seem to transfer off your face. I’ll certainly get good use out of this well-packaged kit. 

Then, on a foundation roll, I decided to try another one. For a girl who doesn’t wear foundations, I now have three. Heh.

This one is a bit of a multi-tasker though. It’s the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer. And, as it says on the bottle, it’s a foundation and a concealer. Yes, really. I purchased this in shade Linen as yanno, pale girl. 

This is full coverage if you apply it heavily. I apply it like a concealer (as I’m pretty heavy handed with my concealers) but I use a beauty blender to lighten up the coverage a little. A few thick dabs does my whole face, including under eyes, so I’ve no need to use a separate concealer. Magic.

Use a good primer first, blend well, a little goes a LONG way and it takes a while to dry, so you have a longer time to work with it but have to wait a little before you can add any blush (or it will go on patchy). That said, I use very little powder with it, just a little to avoid under-eye creasing.

A little before and after for you. No extra concealer - look at that coverage!

It’s very moisturising, so it doesn’t feel thick or heavy on my skin, it can be a little transfer-y, bare that in mind. I did need to add blush, as it wiped out everything on my skin, but that’s hardly a struggle. 

This was an impulse purchase, as I had a gift card to use, and it costs about £25 but given how long it’s going to last me, it’s incredibly good value for money. As good in value than the UD concealer I reviewed last time. 

Of course, since I've written this post, I now have more products to review and talk about in another beauty post next month. They're all from one range and they were very considered purchases. I had planned to buy them when I got to NYC but I had the fear that they were going to sell out so I bought them early (and the prices were the same, so it made sense). If you follow me on Insta or Twitter you *know* what I'm talking about (as I can't stop banging on about them), expect a post all about these purchases in two weeks time.

As I just disclosed, I'm going to NYC in the spring with one of my girlfriends and I have a drugstore & Sephora make-up wishlist as long as Broadway. Better pack light on the way out!

I'm gonna need a bigger make-up bag.

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