Gwen Stefani for Urban Decay

Sometimes the universe makes great things collide: jam and peanut butter, gin and tonic, bed and book. Today I'm going to be talking about the make-up version of the LHC - when Gwen Stefani met Urban Decay. 


Having fought every shopping urge that I had, I found myself on the Urban Decay website one bleak Tuesday and kept putting things into my basket. Then taking them out. Then putting them back in again. ARGH. I promised myself I'd buy the blush palette when I go to NYC next month but after a bit of research, I discovered that the prices were the same on both sides of the Atlantic and items were selling out fast. MORE ARGH. 

Needless to say, the blush palette went straight to checkout. And took two lipsticks with it. Heh. Oops.

Firstly, the packaging is to die for. Look how pretty it is! Inside the gold and black is red with white polka dots. Opening this stuff was a total delight. 

 On to the good stuff:

I'm a novice when it comes to blush and contouring. I have a peach toned blush and a pink toned one ... and that's it. Given how pale I am (and totally washed out once foundation goes on) you'd think I'd have a pop at a gentle bronze, wouldn't you? If it wasn't for my Bare Minerals Warmth I would have naff all. 

I watched a lot of YouTubers talk about this palette, especially the ones who are pale skinned like me, and they kept saying the same thing - it's perfect. You can tell they were designed with pale skin (like Gwen has) in mind. It's a gorgeous palette of blush, bronzer and highlighter in a perfect mix of matte and shimmer. The colours are so gentle that it doesn't overwhelm fair skin, it just adds the right about of flush and colour. The Angel highlighter is beyond words, it's so pretty. I've worn the colours a lot in the last few weeks and I think this might be the first instance of blush staying on me all day (seriously, I have to wash it off at bedtime) I'm besotted with the palette, it wasn't cheap (£35) but it's worth every penny as far as I'm concerned.

(You'll notice all the colour names are Gwen related, be it her solo work, fashion line or No Doubt titles). 

Next up, lipsticks. I've gone crazy for lipsticks this year and after another watch of a YouTube swatch guide (thanks Loey Lane) I decided to go for these two: 

You're looking at Ex-Girlfriend on the left and RockSteady on the right. Yaaaaas No Doubt song titles! 

Now, as No Doubt once said, the magic's in the make-up, wait until you see how these two swatch: 

Didn't see that coming, did you?

Ex-Girlfriend to me is a nude with a hint of lustre in it. It's essentially my lip colour BUT BETTER. It's really creamy going on and feels very moisturising on the lips. I can see this being my daily nude go-to, I'm even thinking it'll be great layered over one of my MAC Viva Glam nudes as well for a bit extra nudey nudeness (I'm just making shit up now, make-up blogger is not my full-time job). I'm wearing it in the photo above where I'm covered in blush. 

RockSteady is a full-on BOOM! red, but as you'll see from the swatch it's got berry tones, which cools it down a little. I'm not a power red kinda gal (I'm far too pink) but the cooler tones in this means it works fine on my skin. This went straight on the moment I opened the box in the office, I couldn't wait to try it, one of my colleagues placed an immediate order as soon as she saw it on, it's an absolute bobby dazzler. 

RockSteady office selfie

Like Ex-Girlfriend, it's another rich-feel lipstick. It goes on incredibly smoothly and on this trial it stayed on easily for 4+ hours. Including over lunch, which is very impressive. The swatch on my hand in the photo above had to be removed with micellar water as it would not shift. This colour has longevity, which, at £16 each, I would expect. 

I haven't see any other lipstick colours that appeal to me from the collection, so this might be my lot, and even I draw the line at paying £40 for an eyeshadow palette, but I'm ridiculously happy with my purchases and for fair skinned beauties and red lipstick lovers, I highly recommend this line.

I'm in the mood, now. Let's dance. 

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