London Film & Comic Con - Spring 2016

At the end of February, I made the trek down to Olympia for the first Showmasters Convention of the year in London: London Film and Comic Con Spring. 

I get the impression this event was a little shoe-horned into the Showmasters timetable, to make up for the Autumn one in 2015 relocating to Brighton, which I did not go to, as going to Italy to eat gelato was far higher up on my list of priorities at that time of the year. 

I'm a fan of the 'end of year' con because it's much smaller and generally quieter, I've said previously it feels like the reward for surviving the summer event (as it's massive, busy and a bit of hard work), so I was hoping this one would have the same kind of feel.

Spaced out over 2 days in Olympia West at the end of the month, this was the quiet , nerdy reward I had been patiently waiting for. 

I wasn't overly excited about guests at this one, to be very honest. Charles Dance cancelled again (DAMNIT!) so the only person on my hit list was Nick Frost, as his signature in my Shaun of the Dead graphic novel would complete the holy trinity (Pegg and Wright had already scribbled in it), the rest I thought I'd see how I felt on the day. At worst, I figured this might not be too financially intensive for me.

I arrived at 9.30am, picked up a virtual queue (VQ) ticket for Nick at 10am, and was instantly told to come back after lunch (I was #278 already, erk!). But at least I had the morning to wander, shop and drink coffee.

As you can see from the map, this was a small event and it felt really well spaced out. Guests on each floor, lots of vendors to shop from, plenty of food and drink stalls too. Cards were not taken at many places, but the cash machines had money in (rare!) and there were no queues.

My favourite things to by at cons these days is art. I'm a sucker for pretty things to put on my walls and this time was no exception. I left with three new prints that day, all relevant to my interests.

I found a stall (with two very chatty, flirty vendors) selling a tshirt and a hoody for £25, so I picked up these Captain America and Harley Quinn designs:

The Return of the Jedi tshirt is the one I've been looking for at every con for the last few years, Hooray for more Star Wars appearing and bringing the old designs back.

Disclaimer: I think Captain America is a dreadful character, but I love the logo. Plus, wearing the hoody the day after caused a small child to say to his parent 'Daddy! Look! She's Captain America!'. Keeping equality REAL :)

After all the shopping, Periscoping and a quick pint over the road in the Beaconsfield, it was time to jump in the queue for Nick to sign my book. Showmasters, as usual, managed the queue exceptionally well, and I was in it for no more than 10 minutes from start to finish. Nick was cheerful and signing things with joy and smiled a lot at everyone he met.

My Cornetto Trilogy of signatures is complete!

I didn't cosplay for this one, I'm saving all that for the summer conventions that I've got lined up (two of them, covering SEVEN DAYS, I am clearly insane) as I'll have more time to flounce about in pretty costumes then.

::sigh:: I totally want to be a Ghostbuster

A fantastic, well organised day, as per usual. I cannot wait for summer, already.
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