The Scary Age

Hands up if you were one of the folks who watched Sex and the City? (Yes, hate watching it five years on counts)This show inspired this post and it's all about one subject: age.


There was an episode somewhere in season 4 where Miranda is questioning some of her life choices and 'what if's by the time she gets to a certain age, her scary age (for reference, hers was 43, Carrie's was 45). In this context it was the age that you'd up wake up and have regrets, or the age where you officially feel 'old'. 

Friends, yesterday I hit what I referred to in my early twenties as my scary age, I turned 37. 

I'm going to go full disclaimer here: my life is a little chaotic. My tidy little blog isn't indicative of this, but I'm a woman powering through her thirties who is currently standing in the middle of a life tornado. Some days it's a full on shit-storm (no weather app can predict this crap either), some days it's tolerable, and (thankfully) most days it's wonderful. I think I've just got far too used to it being this way to freak out about what happens (or I'm a true Piscean; excellent at just going with the flow). 

Life won't be chaotic forever, I know that, I'm just having a changing period as my life moves from one thing to the next. Things will bubble away beneath the surface as I try to get on with everything else I have to do day to day to support my lifestyle. It won't last forever, but while it's here I can roll with it. 

37 hasn't exactly crept up on me, I've been really busy living an amazing life, and as much as I didn't expect half of the things it has thrown at me, but I made a promise to myself last year to live my life as authentically as I can. This means you have to make some difficult choices and scary decisions but it means you get to be unconditionally you and, inevitably, happy.

Words courtesy of  the Own You Awesome affirmation deck

I'm not old. I certainly don't feel it. I was very naive to believe my entire life would be shaped out and rolling along perfectly by now because life never stops throwing your curve balls, it's how you deal with them that makes the difference, defines you and helps you grow. In addition, I've somehow managed to get here with minimal regrets, something I'm really proud of. Onya gut instinct! 

I always celebrate my birthday really well, this year has been no exception. I've been out for dinner with the girls, I've been to watch some improv comedy with one of my boys, I've had a tourist day in my beautiful city, tomorrow I'm going to see some theatre and on Sunday I'm going to a gig by one of my childhood icons, but I'll tell you all about that in future posts. I've filled a whole week with things and people I love, I'd say that's a bloody good birthday at any age. 

So, here's to another year of me. No doubt I've a lot more surprises to follow. And if/when I do fall down (because some things are inevitable), I'll always get back up and power on through, because  in real life that's what we all have to do.

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