Diets 0 - Self Acceptance 1

We're now well past the one year mark since I gave diets the finger. Happy birthday to my sanity. 

What's happened in the last year? A lot of self-doubt, a lot of questioning beliefs and habits, a lot of joyful eating and some weight gain. I know, I said it before, but quitting diet mentality and having self-acceptance has made me plonk on a good dress size. 

However, I'm good with that. it's taken those extra pounds for me to face some body fears and learn a really important lesson: no one gives a fuck what you look like. Really, honestly, truthfully. They don't. Realising that has been one of the most liberating things I've ever experienced.

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I decided to get to know my body. Dress it more, dress it less, feel it more, enjoy it, test it, challenge it. The ultimate challenge for me was getting someone else to photograph it.

The thing is, this is my body now. Not ten years ago, not ten years from now, just right now. At the end of a tough year and with my personal confidence at an all time high, I wanted to celebrate that. Have a snapshot of what a healthy body and mind look like to me and always have that to look back on.

So, I went to the best ... Velvet D'Amour

Velvet is an amazing photographer who celebrates bodies in every form and makes the owners feel like goddesses. For a perfect summary, I'd reccommend going over to George's blog and reading this post, as she explains Velvet better than I ever could. She's strutted for Gautlier, she is a freakin' genius. 

My photoshoot was interesting for me, even in the days before it when I was trying to select outfits, as all I wanted to wear was lingerie. I didn't want clothes to cover up my body, I felt more comfortable showing lots of flesh and that showed in the photos. I genuinely look more comfortable and more 'me' in shots where I'm half naked. Heh. Take that body conscious Lexi from 10 years ago!

Madonna album cover, much?

Not that the clothed shots weren't great, but I was going into this to celebrate my body, and what better way to do that than in minimal clothing.

I'm not sharing all the shots, I don't really need to share any, but I'm super proud of how I look and who I am. All bodies are good bodies and everyone should celebrate how they look and feel. We don't have to starve, or binge, or exercise excessively, we don't have to berate ourselves when someone gives us a compliment, we don't have to tear someone else down to make ourselves look better (it doesn't work, it just makes you look petty and jealous) and we don't have to give in to those fucking ridiculous media standards of what they dictate beauty, health and happiness have to look like, WE JUST HAVE TO LOOK LIKE US and be ourselves authentically.

Because 'just us' is just fine.
'Just us' is great.
'Just us' is amazing.

Shoutout to Rachel Williamson for the amazing hair and make-up in this shoot. Gotta love those lashes. 
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  1. Yes, yes, yes! I love your attitude and honesty. I'm just starting on the road to ditching the diet and you inspire to keep going when it feels hard, which is all the time!

  2. I find this blogpost to be extremely evocative and dare I say very InSpirational, some great messages you put it best with:

    "All bodies are good bodies" this sums it up totally :)

    Your pics are also very stunning indeed.


    From a Fellow Fishy ;)