The April Round-Up

April felt like a fresh start for me. 

I don't know it's being a March baby, preferring life in the BST-zone or being solar powered, but this month felt like an awakening. I got stuff sorted, I completed some projects, I sorted out my next ones, I flew through books and podcasts - my brain felt like it hit some new level of sponginess and wanted to absorb everything it could. It was like a mental feast, I loved April for this. 

It also allowed me to get some personal things in order, some of which I'll talk about next month. A few mental things just fell into place for me over the last 4 weeks, which felt nice as some had been bugging me for months. I got my daily gratitude groove back too, nothing gets life moving quite like sending stuff out into the universe, so I've been doing that and been very grateful for everything I got back. HASHTAG WOOWOO. 

So, April. Here's where we at: 

My iPad broke. WAAAAAAH. Even the Apple dudes couldn't fix it. It would switch on and was in good condition, so I got a trade-in for a new skinny one. 

I managed to catch up with my friend Rob that weekend too, who I hadn't seen since LFCC last summer. My nerd friends are precious to me, I should make an effort to see him more. 

After that I had a long weekend in the North looking after my Teeny Mama, who had her hip placed just after Easter. Dude, that woman has some strict housework standards. She makes me look so chill.

Bed Pinot became A Thing. I was very worried about her, as it was a big op, but she's made a top recovery. Phew!

I moved offices at work (yes, again). As much as it's a pain to pack up and move again, I got a nice corner desk in an office with big windows and Spotify on my PC. Small wins. 

Then it was all getting ready to go to NYC!

I'll do a whole post about it; the food, the shopping, the adventures ... everything. I really needed this holiday and I've come back feeling rested, relaxed and renewed.

Stuff I liked from around the internet this month: 

Caitlin Moran's Moranifesto series on YouTube. The book is great, the concept is great, she's great. I wish she was my best friend. Pints with Moran is my new life goal. 

Ben Miller's The Aliens Are Coming! If you like physics and sci-fi, this is a book for you. It's exploring the idea of other life forms out there, if it's possible , where they'd most likely be, how we communicate with the universe and what we've learned over the last 100 years of space exploration. I'm a bit of a Miller fangirl; a comedian, actor, physicist and Doctor Who fan? Pub with me and Moran, Miller, STAT.

This is Happening: Redesigning mindfulness for our very modern lives . Welcome to my woo-woo again! This is written by the guy who created the Buddhify app (which I wrote about in a previous life here) and it's a brilliant book if you're taking your first steps into mindfulness. I found the meditations in chapter five really helpful, as they're so simple. I really like this book because it's all about being mindful without having switch yourself off from every device you own, it's about how to work with it all. I love that; it's mindfulness in a digital world. 

I don't think I talk about this podcast a lot, but Call Your Girlfriend is brilliant. It's all feminism, politics, current affairs, entrepreneurship and bestie gossip. One of the episodes this month was all about periods. LOVE IT. 

This Buzzfeed video on Zach Miko, the first agency-signed plus size model. I'm chalking this one up to feminism. Women talking about size and shapes has opened conversation to all, that includes men. If women can voice that they think the fashion industry is lacking in places, then there's no reason men can't do so too. I love that voices are finally being heard. See? ALL bodies are good bodies! 

The Cosmonauts exhibit that I volunteered on at the Science Museum brought in a record number of visitors to the museum. 3.4 MILLION PEOPLE.  120,000 visited  Cosmonauts alone! That's mindblowing. I'm so proud of the team who brought the exhibit to the museum and I'm so proud of the volunteers that I got to work with on it! It's amazing and humbling to have been a part of something so special.

In shameless self-promotion news, one of my Velvetography photos got regrammed by Unlucky Lingerie's Instagram account!

I do love that eyelash body suit, it makes me feel fantastic. I received so many messages about those photos, and the self-acceptance post, was it needed? Do I need to write more things like this? Let me know in the comments.   

Despite spending so much money in NYC (it's a good thing it was payday the Monday after I arrived back) that's not slowing down my May. I'm going to see my best friend for a long weekend, I've got my favourite bunch of girls coming down for a big weekend in London and I've got to do some prep towards the end of the month for my next project, more on that at a later date. Blogging will be back at it's usual pace too, so there's a few good pieces to come in the next few weeks. 

What a great month. I can't wait to see what's coming next. Life feels nice and exciting right now. 

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