The March Round-Up

Hey, March! You were such a Bobby Dazzler!

Daffers gonna daff

March started with a trip to Manchester with my friend Sam for a photoshoot with Velvet D'Amour. Getting your photograph taken by someone THAT AMAZING is always a treat. More on this (and more photos) next week. 


Caitlin Moran launched Moranifesto and I went to see her talk about it and read from it on International Woman's Day:

I worked my last shift at Cosmonauts, which was much sadder than I thought it would be, but we went out on a complete high with record numbers of visitors and I got to talk all day to people about space exploration. I'm in space chatter withdrawals, please someone come and ask me questions about space stations!

I had several jolly trips out around my city; dinners, comedy, churches, museums, theatre and gigs:

Otherworlds Exhibit at NHM

Jason Dovovan and Gary Barlow on one stage. Teenage Lexi was beside herself with glee

... all in one week, might I add. 

Between all that, getting laid up with a terrible cold for the last week, I was thankful for a quiet Easter weekend so that I could have massive rest!

Oh yeah, I had a birthday too :)

Stuff I wrote this month: 

Stuff I like from the internet this month: 

Ghostbusters. Not ONE but TWO trailers and ALL THE EXCITEMENT (I've already begun planning my cosplay of Holtzmann for LFCC summer). I love it when Hollywood have the stones to cast women in traditional male roles; it changes a dynamic, it makes me people think and talk about gender, it makes girls want to grow up being anything they want because GENDER IS UNIMPORTANT. Ahhhhh, I'm so happy to see this it's unreal. 

Summer's Podcast on How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others. Sometimes when my self-acceptance is a bit shaky, I need to hear things like this. This podcast is about where that stupid need to compare comes from and why it's so hard to shake it off.  

Captain America: Civil War trailer. Shush now and let me swoon at RDJ *sigh* 

What else have I done this month? A bit of self-care; like buying new glasses, I love the London Retro designs from Glasses Direct:

Bought a few awesome logo tshirts from Boohoo:

And I've eaten a lot of various bunnies, because Easter.

April will be quiet on the blog front, I'm away twice during the month, so I'll be light on content until I'm back in one place.  I'm using it as a good excuse for a rest and a break, and I'll be back before you know it.

Enjoy April, friends. Enjoy springtime! Keep smiling.

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