The May Round-Up

I'm trying to remember how I spent the first Bank Holiday weekend in May.  Thank a deity of your choosing for Instagram, that photo app is my memory palace.

I discovered the Californian Burger at The Diner. It's topped with guac. HEAVEN. 

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When Health Isn't About Weightloss

Spring always kicks me up a gear. To me, it's my New Year. I'm a spring baby, I love the warmth from the sunshine, the light when the clocks change and everything just feels new and revitalised; like the year has finally found it's footing. 

So, as it's my New Year, I committed to taking some steps to making a few changes and upgrades in my life. 

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Travel : Lexi Does NYC

How do you write a blog post about a trip to New York? I mean, there's so much to cover! Food, architecture, views, food, sport, transport and more food ...

I think I'll just diary wing it, and add useful tips along the way. This time, I went to NY with my friend Sam, so when I refer to 'we' it's just me and her, not an army or the Royal 'we'.

Good morning from Times Square

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Revisiting The Mousetrap

One of the first pieces of theatre I saw in London was Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap, otherwise known as the longest running show, of any kind, in the whole world.


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