The May Round-Up

I'm trying to remember how I spent the first Bank Holiday weekend in May.  Thank a deity of your choosing for Instagram, that photo app is my memory palace.

I discovered the Californian Burger at The Diner. It's topped with guac. HEAVEN. 

Let's run through my weekends. I went to lunch with my friend, bought games as it was International Table Top Day (so they were on sale in Forbidden Planet), went to Whole Foods and stayed up late watching Daredevil on Netflix.

Gamers gonna game

I spent a weekend in Hull visiting my best friend, it was that *really* hot first weekend of May, so we spent our mornings lounging in the garden, drinking tea and gossiping, and our evenings drinking wine and fizz and going out dancing. It was great.

She got me some amazing birthday presents. As I've not seen her yet this year she'd held onto them for me. and they're so me!

The bracelet is my most favourite thing. She bought it to symbolise direction; ever moving forward, which is something I need to remember when life chucks a challenge in my face. It's her way of reminding me of how strong I am. Do you see why she's my best friend? :)

The next weekend was all about Eurovision. A bunch of my girlfriends got together in town for a nice brunch:

Hellooooo bottomless bellinis!

We rented an airbnb and went to the London Eurovision party on Shaftsbury Avenue:

Such fun. Many wine. Much hangover. WOW. 

I've been flying through, and therefore having to buy more, books:

Speaking of books, I decided to do some more decluttering with my free weekend. I intended to do a few books and some old clothes; which materialised into an entire shelf of books,  3 bags of clothes and a handful of dvds. Throwing out unwanted and unnecessary things makes me feel so joyful. I love being as light as I can possibly be with my belongings. I am amazed I have anything left some days, though. I'd estimate that between the start of 2015 to now, I've got rid of 65% of my belongings. I decided to be a bit stricter with my book buying too. I tend to bulk buy but then some get ignored as I never read them all in order, then more catch my eye ... and I end up with a ridiculous backlog. I'm trying to work through my backlog and only buy books as and when I want to read them. 

Last weekend I went to the Science Museum (because I'm practically in withdrawals now) to go to a talk by Helen Sharman, as it was 25 years since she went to Mir: 

source - an excellent article from Vice

I've met Helen before, I've talked about her LOADS to people when I was working in Cosmonauts at the museum but I never get bored of hearing stories from astronauts and cosmonauts. Never. These people have left the earth, traveled in space and lived to tell the tale. It never ceases to amaze me that we can do such things. 

And now, more bank holiday! I'm going to have a big relax and spend some time with my loves. I'm going to need it, June is a big month for me. 

Things I've written this month:

Stuff I've liked from around the internet this month:

Sara Pascoe's book Animal. She's written a really honest book here about being human, being a woman and all the things she's experienced whilst muddling through life. It's interesting, smart, funny and warm. I'd like it added to the National Curriculum for all teenage girls to read, maybe the boys would benefit from it too. 

Some great discussions have been had on Summer's Break the Rules Group, the funniest one this month was about foods we used to force down for the sake of 'health'. My choice? Kale. Oh god kale. FUCK KALE. 

Doing the sensible thing and getting a supermarket to bring all the heavy groceries TO ME, as opposed to carrying them a good mile home myself in bags (and Tesco deliver at the time I like for £1!). I don't like having any fresh produce delivered, I like to pick that myself in store, but for cans, lentils, rice, pasta, almond milk and laundry detergent, this is absolutely perfect. Hooray for online shopping. 

Getting to vote for the Women's Equality Party at the London Elections, because history! 100 years ago women couldn't vote, now there's a party which has roots in equality for all. 

Adam Buxton's Podcast, as it's completely new to me. He's very funny but he's also a great interviewer. Good old Buckles! 

HOLY FUDGE, it's June already. We'll soon be halfway through the year, at the longest day, summer  rolling in etc. 2016 felt like it's been speeding by for ages and now it just seems to have slowed back down to a normal pace. Well timed, I feel. 

Lilacs are the best scent ever, More of these, please

As June is going to be a big one, I'm taking another blog break. I'm going to be very busy for the next month and without internet for some of it, so it's more mandatory than of my own choosing. I'll have a lot to catch up on in July (and it's convention season too) so I'm aiming to be back with you all by then.

Until then, enjoy the sunshine, celebrate the longest day as hard as you can and keep having lots of fun.
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  1. We're in the same book/podcast space! Oh and kale...fuck kale. Tried it once, felt like a tortoise.

    1. I saw that we had matching bookshelves on Instagram! We're our very own book club :)