The July Round-Up

July  -  the month where the sun finally came out.

I finally got those drinks on Richmond Green ... 

As lovely as it was to finally (finally!) see some sunshine this month, there was a bit of a dark cloud over it as a former colleague of mine got very sick really suddenly and passed away.

We miss you, C.

It was a really horrible shock to us all who worked with her and it hit me really hard, which I wasn't at all prepared for. It can feel really self-indulgent talking about it, but it did take me a lot of the month to process what had happened. She was really young (31) and it was so out of the blue that when we heard she was in intensive care we hoped it was a case of mistaken identity. Sadly it wasn't. She was cared for by brilliant teams at St. Thomas' Hospital until she left us two weeks later. It's made me think about things a lot. Think about how much I appreciate my friends, even those who I've not had much contact with for a long time, or our friendship ended on bad terms (I've even reached out to some of these people to make amends in the last month). It also encouraged me to go for it this month with life and loves, live my life as well and as authentically as I could do, be honest with my feelings towards people, do things I love exceptionally well and never feel guilty for doing things I love. My one wild and precious life mantra has never felt so appropriate.

So, with that difficult bit out of the way, this was the rest of my July.

I got the latest Sonic Screwdriver, which makes ALL THE NOISE. I was so giddy that I uploaded a video of it in action to my Instagram account:

My friend Jim came to visit and ply me with margaritas, he bought me a housewarming gift of my very own Rey, who has been given a spot on my nerdy bookshelves:

Thanks Jim! Rey is very happy here. 

Pokemon Go happened, and there went my all grown-up behaviour.

This was outside Forbidden Planet. POKESTOPS A-GO-GO

I discovered Nutri-Bombz and after one delivery, I set up a recurring fortnightly one. They're so delicious:

I went to the cinema twice in two weeks (this is highly strange for me, it's impressive if I usually get to the cinema twice in a year), I saw Absolutely Fabulous and Ghostbusters. Ab Fab was just fine; it was an extended episode with a bigger budget and more cameos. Ghostbusters was fantastic, I loved it. I'm already desperate to see it again!


I went to a Star Wars themed gig at the o2 and saw one of my favourite teenage-years bands; Ash:

I had a bloody fantastic weekend at the Star Wars Celebration Europe, where I got to meet Mark Hamill (more about that on another post soon):

And this weekend it's London Film and Comic Con. Yep, more nerding. I love my tribe!


Stuff I wrote this month:

Cool things from around the internet this month:

Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls by Jes Baker (audible). One thing I've noticed whilst working through my body image stuff over the last year is how incredibly fatphobic I used to be. I'm not at all proud of this and as much as I'd like to write it off as societal and media brainwashing, I still don't like it. Part of embracing all bodies (including my own) is to get rid of all judgement of bodies and Jes's book is a fantastic read (or listen) all about this subject. It comes highly recommended from me.

Adam Savage's Love Letter to Cosplay TEDTalk. I love this because I'm a cosplayer and I think it helps explain the draw behind cosplaying in the first place, which a lot of people ask me about because they just don't get it. It's cool if you don't get it, it's my bag, not yours.

Star Trek landed on Netflix, and by Star Trek I mean ALL OF IT. In my house we've started from The Next Generation and are working our way through. If you're not a fan but would like to watch some ST, here's a great article from the Radio Times giving you some epsiode suggestions. 

Also, I joined a new gym, as after moving house my old one was too far away. My new one is between my home and my office, making it perfect for pre-work workouts. It's really quiet and under-subscribed, which is a rarity for a budget gym, and it has classes in the with the prices, too. I've had a lot of trouble getting a workout routine to stick as I'm such a morning person that working out after work is a struggle, so a good morning routine should help fix that.


August is looking relatively peaceful in comparison to July, which is a bit of a relief! I've got my mum coming to visit, my favourite festival of the year is coming up (YAS BEER!) and I've got a girls trip to the Edinburgh Fringe to look forward to as well.

I hope you're all enjoying the summer. Don't forget to put your SPF on. Go rock it.


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