The June Round-Up

A week late, but I'm back! So, where shall I start?

Ahoy ahoy!

June has been a very busy month. Here's what I've been up to. 

My best friend came to stay for the weekend and we went to see Whose Line is it Anyway? at the Palladium. I'd never been to the Palladium and it seems like such an iconic London theatre, so I was very excited to get in there and see what it was like. The show had an added bonus of Jeff Davis this year, which added to a great dynamic even more. I laughed so much that my face hurt. 

I enjoyed one of my favourite London nights out: Beer & Pizza Night at the Prince Charles Cinema, this time it was for a screening of Clueless. This film came out when I was 16, so it felt like my generation when I watched it. I'd never seen it in a cinema, so these shows are always a nice way to experience a film you know well but as part of an audience, with pizza and beer. Remember when you watched it and it seemed *so ridiculous* to see Cher and Dionne on their phones to each other in the same room?


And now this seems almost normal! Except maybe we whatsapp across a room as opposed to calling.

My friend Martin invited me along to a recording of one of my favourite podcasts; The Infinite Monkey Cage. This was such a win on many levels, it's a favourite listen, it was the start of his birthday celebration week (I'm glad my lifestyle standards are catching on with others:  #birthdayweek), the topic was sleep, and Richard Wiseman was on the panel, whose book I had just finished the night previous (more on that below) and I'd had to refund my tickets to his lecture during the same week as I was going to be in class. WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN. Winning at life.

L-R:  Russell Foster, Katy Brand, Robin Ince, Brian Cox, Richard Wiseman

I visited the Brewdog in Soho afterwards too. It's rather nice, as is their range of sour beers. I'm loving sour beers this year.

I have to mention the B-word. Along with 72% of the UK, I voted in the EU Referendum. I voted to stay in and was therefore very disappointed with the result, especially as a Londoner. Compared to other places I've lived in the UK, I often think of London as different planet and that's never felt more true than it has done over the last few weeks. I love my city, I love this country, I hate to see such a divide but I'm glad I live where I do right now. Nowhere has ever felt like home to me until I moved to London almost a decade ago, and now I know why.

Konmari'd the shit out of my clothes and used the folding methods. I thought this was a bunch of nonsense until I tried it and discovered this method takes up half the space of regular folding and I can see all my tshirt designs at one glance. I TAKE IT ALL BACK!

I make an effort to try one new big thing every year. Last year it was working at the Science Museum, this year, I took some voice-over acting classes and got myself a showreel made up so I can start applying acting for work. 

This has been incredible. Having not done any acting for absolutely years, I no longer knew how I felt about it. But the candle is always gently burning away inside me, so I figured using my voice was a good way to dip my toe back in the water and see how I got on. I always refer to my drama degree as the best few years of my life as I got to act and be creative every day whilst someone else paid (thank you UK education system circa 1997) and this felt even better than that. Maybe it's a thirties thing, maybe it's a self-confidence thing, but it just felt great to be back doing something in that circuit. I'm excited to get back to work.

Oh yeah, I moved house too! Hence that photo of me at the top of this post, sitting in my new wardrobe.

Stuff that has been awesome on the internets this month: 

Richard Wiseman's Night School (I listened to on Audible) is such an interesting book about the science of sleep. I'm generally a really good sleeper but due to house move stress I struggled with routine this month, this book helped me think about my sleeping habits and bedtime practices. There's also a chapter all about lucid dreaming and how to have a bit of control over your dreams, which again, I've been having a go at and I was surprised that it actually worked.

Meghan Trainor's Thank You album, because I love the positive attitude this girl has, a tumble on live TV can't even slow her down  (I love that Fallon just laid down on the floor next to her!).

Game of Thrones, because some of the episodes this series have spoiled us silly. SPOILED. We are not worthy,

Carrie Fisher being a badass once again.

Our new Mayor has banned adverts promoting negative body image on the transport system.

Speaking of which, the Embrace trailer appeared online, a film which I feel like I've been waiting for forever! I've been listening to a lot of people discussing body image and fatphobia (something which I have been in the past) recently and it feels like the body positive movement is picking up some pace, finally.

One more for the minimalists among us, this article from Science Direct on the effect of having clutter in your home on your psychological well-being. TL:DR; less stuff = happy AF.

NEW POTTERMORE SORTING FOR ILVERMORNY HOUSE KLAXON! This is the North American branch of Hogwarts, which we'll see more of in Fantastic Beasts in November. Of course I went to go check out what my cross-atlantic house would be ... and I'm a Wampus.

Part-cat FTW

July is up and running already and it's a great month because IT'S CONVENTION MONTH! So I get two long weekends, lots of houseguests, I get to cosplay and run around at conventions. It's one of the best months of the year, I am very excited.

A bit more sunshine wouldn't go amiss. Can you sort your weather out, UK, please? I've stocked up on SPF Goth (50+), I want beers on Richmond Green, I want sunshine, COME ONNNNNN!

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