You Beauty (Part III)

It's been a while since I did a beauty post, so here's another one full of products I've been trying over recent months.



Just to clarify, I paid for all these; none were gifted to me for review, these were my own purchases and therefore are all my own opinions.

We'll start with the good stuff. 

I've had this Aussie brand conditioner in my travel bag for months but never put 2+2 together and realised that's what was causing my hair to feel nice after washing. I thought I was just in soft water areas on my travels (Yorkshire and NYC) but then when I've done overnights further West of London, my hair also felt great. Ahhh, must be the product! It makes my hair very soft but is very weightless.

Lysine is the biggest secret weapon if you suffer from cold sores. I get them very infrequently these days, usually at the end of a period of severe stress, and the first sign of them is a tingling sensation on my lip. When this happens I break out the Lysine tablets. I take one of these every night before bed and at tingle point and this can stop the cold sore appearing altogether. If I don't act fast enough and the cold sore appears, the same dosage can make the coldsore cycle less than a third in length. I have the tablets and the balm, which is great for extremely dry lips too. I bought both these products from Holland and Barratt. It's hard to explain how it works but you just don't get the pain and swelling sensation as much. Well, there's no pain at all, or itching, it makes dealing with them a much better experience.

Remember when I went to NYC and had the great service from MAC in Times Square? I've finally gotten around to trying the products.

Crossfire is a gorgeous lip colour which is the most perfect coral for my skin tone. I'd say it's a good *all bases* coral if you're not sure which is the best one to buy. 

The Studio Careblend Pressed Powder was a new one for me as I usually buy Pressed Blot Powder, but given some days I am very lax at applying blush and I'm incredibly pale, I figured a slightly darker powder might fill that gap nicely. And that it does. It's shade medium, which is still very light but adds a little colour to my face. I doubt it will work for me in winter (when I go a whiter shade of pale due to the lack of sunshine) so I will probably switch back to blot powder then. 

Speaking of NYC purchases, this Sephora primer is LIFE.

In terms of feel, it's somewhere between Smashbox Photofinish and Bare Minerals Prime Time and feels completely weightless. I can't believe this was only $16 a go, I wish I'd bought sixteen bottles. If anyone goes to somewhere with a Sephora, please buy me one, I can't see me ever falling out of favour with this product. 

For those of us in the UK who are Sephora deficient; I tried the other Rimmel Primer (Fix & Perfect) which is very good for the price too. It's quite thick and has a pretty strong scent, but it doesn't piss my skin off, which is an achievement as I'm a very sensitive creature. 

And while we're talking about good value for money, I have to mention Makeup Academy lip colours.

I bought the Luxe Velvet Lip Laquer in Moxie and Reckless and I cannot believe that these cost only £3 each. They are incredible. Great colours and pigmentation, they go on very easily and have the best staying power of any lip colour I've ever purchased. 

The Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray certainly lives up to it's name, this is another that I want to repurchase and tell everyone to use. It does exactly what it says on the bottle, like magic. I used it for a night out on a hot evening which included dancing in a club until 2am. Everything stayed put. Gorgeous.

This next product is a bit woo-woo, and it's raised a few eyebrows when I was telling my friends about it ... it's a crystal deoderant.

Salt of the Earth is a natural deoderant (so no chemicals, parabens, alcohol or fragrances) and somehow you apply this when your skin is wet after a shower and you have no scent for the next day. It's amazing! You'll still sweat (it's not an antiperspirant, albeit I sweated a lot less when using it) but you have no scent. It's weird and brilliant. 

Now onto the not-so-good items. 

I really, really, really wanted to get on with the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, but I didn't. I'm very thankful I had the good sense to only buy a small size mascara for $10 otherwise I would have been pissed off to throw it away. It looks great on, my lashes looked lovely but after a few hours of wear it started to flake really badly and within a few days I got the dreaded sore eyes of doom. It's not a product I can wear, sadly.

Beauty Blenders. I have persevered with you, but I'm casting you out.


I'm not really a foundation user, so I don't necessitate things to apply it with, I'm perfectly happy using my fingers and as much as a beauty blender is good for sheering out coverage into something very light, they're just not for me. I feel like I'm caking my skin when I use them and the buggers NEVER look clean (even when I washed after every use) which doesn't endear me to wanting to put them near my skin again. No, we're done. I tried, but it's not for me.

I will need to have a restock in the next month, I'm going to repurchase the Urban Decay Naked concealer and I would like new highlighter, but one that will really blind the haters, you know? I'll hunt and report back. 

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  1. Selfie Queen, I love it and bow down to you! Also another post full of useful recommendations. (I'm now going to practice my selfies this weekend)

      Let me know if you try anything I've used and got on better with it!