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I usually just bundle all the things I've done each month into my round-up, which means they get briefly noted but I never really get to write about them in depth. So this post is a way to address that and give a bit of a run down and review of the things I've been to see over the last couple of months.

2001: A Space Odyssey 


I don't know how you get so heavily into sci-fi and yet not see this film, and yet somehow I managed it for over three decades. It was also a film that I didn't want to watch unless it was on a massive screen, so when my friend alerted me to a showing at the Prince Charles, I jumped at the chance.

It's incredible how many references I've seen in films, album covers, tv shows and completely missed them (the subtle ones, anyway) but now so many of them make sense. Which is more than I can say for the second half of the film. I described it as a film with two halves; the first being like the most beautiful dream and the second being a complete mental breakdown. I'm happy we got an intermission before the second half to let me digest the first.

I'm glad I held out for the cinema experience with this one, though. It was beautiful. The music and visuals are so pleasing on your senses that you can't help but smile during it. 

The Libertine

I found out this was going to be on in London at the start of the summer, and my friend was way more on the ball than I was and booked tickets for September. It's a story I wasn't familiar with, but it was set in a time I'm very historically familiar with and had the added bonus of Dominic Cooper in it. Nice. 

The cast were fantastic, and freely wandered into the audience before the show in character to do a little vamping, which was very funny as the ladies were excellent at flustering the men in the audience.

Cooper played the role convincingly (enough to make me want to drink wine, anyway) and you definitely felt pity for him by the end. Give anything an edge of alcoholism and I'm always up for it, as addictions therapy is something I spent part of earlier career working in.   


If you're unfamiliar with Yonderland, It's a live action and puppet comedy drama written by and staring the Horrible Histories cast. 


I went to the series 3 premier and Q&A with the cast at the BFI. We weren't told which cast members would be appearing for the panel, but even germ-infested Mathew Baynton dragged himself out from his sick bed for it, so it was a full house.

(The first full house they've managed at the BFI for any Yonderland series or Bill, yay.)

We got to see the first couple of episodes of series 3, which made me laugh so hard that I'm convinced this is going to be the best series yet. The Q&A was interesting and my favourite moment was when Mathew was telling the story of how he became friends (or at least tried desperate to) with Ben Willbond on the set of Horrible Histories; which was in the manner of a younger sibling trying to spend as much time with the cool older sibling as possible. Ben is quietly reading over lunch and Mathew lurches over and shuffles his chair up to Ben's (if you've seen Bill, think of the moment in the pub where Shakespeare meets Marlowe). Ben sighs, and says to Mathew 'you're just always *there*, aren't you?'.  

Top Gun 30th Anniversary

An impulsive one as my friend insisted the first ten minutes of Top Gun in a cinema are amazing, I hadn't seen it for year and I got free mirrored aviators for going (Prince Charles Cinema nailing it once again!). Before this, I don't think I'd watched this film for almost 20 years, and it's hilarious and awful and great all at once. It was like sing-a-long, quote-a-long Top Gun. The audience were very lively, it was a great Monday night out. 

Also nice: seeing Tom Cruise before he got his mouth filled with veneers. 


Adam Hills: Clown Heart

I'd never even heard of Adam Hills until the 2012 Paralympics and now we cannot get the guy off our TV screens. My friend is a massive fan so she booked tickets to this gig, and it was close to home so it would have been impossible to refuse.

It was the DVD recording of the show that night, which meant we were subject to extra silliness from Adam, but it was a nice way to set the tone for the evening. The theme for the show is about not letting death have the last laugh, so as you can imagine it has some very personal stories from Adam and the people he supports, which are very moving, but these people are also kicking death firmly in the dick, which makes for some brilliant and inspiring stories. It was such a good night out, I'd recommend that show to everyone. 

He also had red, white and blue hair at the time, as he lost a bet that Australia would win more medals than Team GB would in the 2016 Paralympics. HA-HA AUSTRALIA!

And that has been my culture for the last couple of months. As usual I already have another handful of things booked, so expect more adventures on my blog soon. 

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