The October Round-Up

It's been a bit of an odd month, October. There's been good and bad things, but I'm going to focus on the good things here as dwelling on the shit stuff never benefits anyone.

I got to see my lovely girlfriends, albeit it was brief and a bit stressful, but cuddles with your friends are cuddles with your friends, and as it turned out we all needed them.

I threw myself into my self-care routine and had lots of quiet time. I read some brilliant comics:

Watched a lot of Postseason Baseball as my team, Chicago Cubs, made it through the divisionals, won the nationals and went on to play in the World Series for the first time since 1945!

I miss you, Wrigley <3

I *might* have ordered myself a jersey with a Bryant back. Well, he's no.17, and that's my birthday :)

I did lots of cinema at the Prince Charles, and went to see some comedy, as you read about last week.

I treated myself to a 23andMe DNA collection kit and sent my DNA off to be analysed. I cannot wait to see my reports. Expect a full blog post about this at a later date.

I went for my first ever full-body hour long massage and it was absolute heaven. I'm definitely doing more of these!

I began Project: Declutter 2016 and got rid of loads of my clothes. 2 bags to charity, 1 to recycling and I sold a ton of things on eBay. I'm now such a pro at this that I even offered to help one of my friends with his decluttering. I'm strict, but it gets the job done and someone wants the help, then I will gladly offer my services.

I watched the 'cleaned up' version of Star Wars (courtesy of my mate Jim over at STACK) which made me feel like a child again! Grainy quality films FTW. 

But right now I'm at home sick with a cold virus, which is making me feel horrific, so that's my weekend plans cancelled! Ah well. 

Stuff from me this month: 

Stuff from around the internet this month: 

Twin Peaks behind the scenes of the new series video! OMG OMG OMG OMGGGGGGGG. 

Mark Frost's new book: The Secret History of Twin Peaks which is BEAUTIFUL and he's doing a Q&A in London in November. YAS!

Throwing some money at this Indiegogo project for the Twin Peaks tarot cards, I saw the design for these on one of my forums earlier this year and I'm so glad they're coming to life. 

Speaking of Kickstarters; Raised by Wolves series 3, anyone? #UpTheWolves

Fancy a GoFundMe for a feminist, body positive, burlesque show? Then go throw some spare cash at Kaila, who is getting the word out there but needs some help. 

Kate McKinnon being one of the funniest women on the planet AGAIN with *that* Presidential debate sketch on SNL.

I'm plowing my way through Barack Obama's The Audicity of Hope, as it seems like the right time to be educating myself about the US political system. 

The final Rogue One trailer because Star Wars + Mads is like seeing my dreams come true. 

I read The Girl on the Train and enjoyed it so much that I'm passing the book around everyone I know. It's short and sweet (a 4.5 hours read) but it's such a good old-fashioned whodunnit in a modern world. I've no desire to see the film though, as I don't think I'd enjoy it as much.

As you may have noticed, my post count has dropped off during the last couple of months. As I'm someone who strives for quality over quantity, this was bound to happen as I've been really busy or really relaxing. I don't write this blog for anyone but myself (but I do know people read it, a lot of people, which is awesome) so I'm currently only posting when I've got stuff to write about and the time to do so. I'm not anticipating massive publication gaps, but I'm also not anticipating a flurry of posts to fall out of my brain and onto my keyboard over the coming months. But you never know. Writing for me is a very organic process which cannot be forced, so we'll see what comes.

October went really fast, I assume that's because I felt a bit shonky for half of it, payday seemed to come around really quickly (and I still had money left, who the hell am I?!). The clocks go back this weekend (that's your gentle reminder, UK residents) and then it's SO DARK on an evening from 4pm. WAH. ::takes all vitamin D capsules::

On the upside, I've got two gigs to go to in November, a show recording, a book event and my best friend is coming to visit, so it's going to be a nice month regardless of whatever else the universe chucks at me.

Just to be clear, Universe, that wasn't an invitation to act like a dick.
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