National Space Centre

I'm writing a quick post about this (there will be lots of photos, obvs) but did everyone know that we have a National Space Centre in the middle of the country and it's really good? 


There's pieces of the Moon there, and Mars meteorite, and the Union Flag that's been to the Moon, and Helen Sharman's space suits, a mock-up Columbus module from the ISS that you can run around, and, and, and ... A ROCKET CALLED THOR. 

I mean, COME ON!

You can go up the outside of the rocket, right to the top in the Rocket Tower (a good 42ft, excellent stairwell cardio).

There's lots of good learning to be done about the US and Russian space races, as well as everything that followed. There's 3D simulators of space flights and lander practice:

(Martin landed the lunar module perfectly. Twice. I crashed it. Three times. Oops.)

And a planetarium which is so good it made me feel a bit light-headed.

There's one of the only Soyuz Spacecrafts in Western Europe right behind the big doors when you go in, along with a Gemini TTV-2 Capsule:

What's really good is that it's £14 entry for an adult, with a Planetarium ticket included. If you're as much of a space nerd as I am, this is such a good day out. Go. See space history. Appreciate how TINY our little planet is in this MASSIVE universe, it's good for your perspective when it seems like society is crumbling around our ears.

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Going Minimal - One Year Later

Last year I made the decision to go minimal. In simple terms, this meant I chucked about 60% of my belongings out and I wrote about it in a couple of posts here and here.  Granted I was aware I had a house move pending at some point in the next year, but regardless, my life felt cluttered, the items were not serving me, so it was time to get rid of them.


And you know what? It was the best decision I'd made that year. It's served me so well this year; through a house move and through another scale-back. 

I'm going to talk about how I've taken the minimal thing even further this year, and the different parts of my life that it's also crept in to. 

My Wardrobe is Relentless

SRSLY. My wardrobe has a long story behind it and with all clear outs, no one walks in and just throws *all* their shit away, it's not possible. You put a lot of money into your belongings, which makes it harder to let them go. But I'm stubborn and persistent, I promised myself by the end of this summer I'd have another good sort out. 

I'd made that terrible mistake of hanging onto things 'in case they fit me again'. Stuff that, I'll just buy them again if I ever need them. Tons of dresses and jackets went on to eBay and £200 in my Paypal later, I was free of them.

I also threw out things which were tatty (as in I'd worn to death over the last year) and anything which I'd not worn for a year (as in I didn't like it anymore). That alone filled 3 bin bags; 2 to charity and 1 for recycling. 

Where does all this come from?!

Considering I haven't bought that much clothing this year I was amazed I was getting rid of so much, but like I say, go back a revisit a few months later. You might have changed your mind about some items, might not have worn them, might have no purpose for them. If that's the case, out they go!

I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie

This I am back stepping on because a girl is allowed to change her mind.

I've fallen out of favour with digital versions of books, which I mentioned briefly in this post, and back in love with paper. The books have come back. 

Guarded by the girls

Albeit I'm not bulk buying, and I am sticking with 'you buy, you read' so I don't end up with a massive backcatalog, I'm borrowing more too and I'm still passing them on when I'm done with them. There are a few exceptions, but then that's life.

I also need to sort out my comics, I have a box of them to read and then get rid of. 

Spotify has My Soul

My project this winter is to convert the remaining cd's that I own to digital and then get rid of them. I haven't played a cd now for at least a year (I don't even own a stereo) so why am I hanging on to them? This is as pointless as hanging on to the VHS tapes that I still own but can't bring myself to get rid of. 

Why can't I get rid of this?? It's like a bloody horcrux

I'm also clearing out another lot of dvds and I've started buying my films in a digital format. 

It's Spread to the Kitchen

Even my food shopping has gone minimal.  I've managed to get myself into the routine of doing one massive shop monthly (hello payday!) and getting it delivered, supplementing with small one-bag shops each weekend between for fresh items, like vegetables, juice and bread. This saves me an absolute fortune, cuts down on waste and means I actually use up everything in my freezer. Remember the last time you saw the bottom of your freezer? It's not Narnia, clear the thing out. 

Buy in bulk, stick in jars. Beautiful.

As I've said before minimalism is really personal, and what is minimal to me might not be to someone else (pretty sure having 5 pairs of Converse and a box of lipsticks isn't *that* minimal) but to me it's all about having the right level of belongings in my space, not hanging on to things I don't need (or don't serve me) and being sensible with my money. I switched from a phone contract to a sim-only deal last month, which has dropped my phone bills by £20 per month (and I get more data, so it's a real bargain), little things like that add up quickly, that's £240 per year saved. 

Let's see where I am in another years time!

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