National Space Centre

I'm writing a quick post about this (there will be lots of photos, obvs) but did everyone know that we have a National Space Centre in the middle of the country and it's really good? 


There's pieces of the Moon there, and Mars meteorite, and the Union Flag that's been to the Moon, and Helen Sharman's space suits, a mock-up Columbus module from the ISS that you can run around, and, and, and ... A ROCKET CALLED THOR. 

I mean, COME ON!

You can go up the outside of the rocket, right to the top in the Rocket Tower (a good 42ft, excellent stairwell cardio).

There's lots of good learning to be done about the US and Russian space races, as well as everything that followed. There's 3D simulators of space flights and lander practice:

(Martin landed the lunar module perfectly. Twice. I crashed it. Three times. Oops.)

And a planetarium which is so good it made me feel a bit light-headed.

There's one of the only Soyuz Spacecrafts in Western Europe right behind the big doors when you go in, along with a Gemini TTV-2 Capsule:

What's really good is that it's £14 entry for an adult, with a Planetarium ticket included. If you're as much of a space nerd as I am, this is such a good day out. Go. See space history. Appreciate how TINY our little planet is in this MASSIVE universe, it's good for your perspective when it seems like society is crumbling around our ears.

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