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If you're as deep in the Body Image Movement (body positivity, self-love, body image confidence etc) as I am, then there's no way you've escaped seeing the trailer for this movie online: 

Needless to say, when I found out Taryn was bringing screenings of Embrace to the UK and doing a Q&A at the premiere, I bought tickets immediately. I've been waiting for this film since the Kickstarter was up and running. 

After all, who doesn't need a good, healthy dose of body image love in January, when every diet on the earth is jammed into our faces?

Embrace Taryn Brumfitt

Taryn's film is kind but alarming; I know women talk badly about themselves (I've been there and done that) but standing on *this side* of the body acceptance fence, looking back to the other side is shocking. It's comforting to see how far I've come over the last couple of years but horrible to see that so many people, women in particular, still say terrible things about their bodies to themselves and to others.

She interviews a broad range of women from all over the world about their perceptions of themselves and their bodies; not all of it is negative, some is so fabulously positive that it brings you to tears (Harnaam Kaur is so fucking fierce that it's unreal and Nora Tschirner is my new favourite person EVER).

Embrace is essentially a love letter from Taryn to her daughter, Mikaela, encouraging her to not waste her lifetime stressing about getting the *perfect* body and to simply embrace the one she has and live her life to the fullest - a message that every woman (and man, for that matter) can benefit from hearing and taking onboard.

The UK premiere was in Covent Garden, a red carpet was set up for anyone who wished to have their photo taken with Taryn to do so. I was almost last in the door as I was rushing over from work, but walking in to a cinema foyer and seeing these two amazing women immediately set the tone for the night:

Body Image Movement

That's Megan, you might know her as BodyPosiPanda on Instagram, she's fabulous. Look at her hair!

The Q&A afterwards was almost as emotional as the film itself, with many questions being posed about how get in the right frame of mind for embracing your body, how to inspire daughters, younger girls in schools ... hearing the voices of women break as they asked for help and guidance really brought home how important this film is and the changes it can make to the world if we all take heed of the notion and begin to make the first change with ourselves.

Embrace screenings are happening all over the UK right now, and they're demand-based, so if you don't buy tickets, they don't happen. I cannot recommend this film enough. I wish something this positive was out there when I was starting my body acceptance journey 2 years ago, so if you're just starting out, or on the way, or looking to support others on their journey it's well worth a watch.

Tickets can be purchased here (or here if you're in Ireland) and you can get involved with the Body Image Movement here

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