The February Round-Up

February over and done with. Hooray and BYE. Spring, I am ready for you.

I mean, it's not as bad as January, but it's not as good March. Thankfully February IS short, so it's done with before you can really get ticked off about it.

I started the month like this:

I needed a weekend at home to clean up the place and not talk to anyone for a couple of days. Those introvert resets are so blissful and result in a lot of sleep.

And beer, because at the end of January I treated myself to a big box of Brewdog. Gotta keep my investment going! 

Once again, my month went a bit crackers after that. I went to watch This House at the Garrick Theatre. I love a good political comedy drama and this one has the best set design - it's like having Westminster on the stage, you can even sit in the seats ON the stage and use the Westminster bar during the interval. I'm able to laugh at politics again, which is a good sign that I've managed to distance myself from the screaming chaos that is UK and US Governments right now however watching UK politics from the 1970's; discussing devolution of Scotland and leaving the EU filled me with a little despair. Don't things ever change? I mean, yes, they do - in the 1970's at least the opposition parties worked ...

I went to see Richard Herring at Leicester Square Theatre do a mash-up of work from his last 10 years of Edinburgh shows, which was great value for money.

As part of my 2017 goals, I wanted to get more involved with causes I believe in and I went to my first demo with the Sister Supporter team this month. This is a group who demo outside the local Marie Stopes clinic to drowned out the religious vigil that stand outside it every day and have the audacity to judge women for having autonomy over their own bodies. I've watched them do this for the 10 years that I've lived in my borough and it makes my blood boil. So, when I discovered this group I couldn't wait to get over there and support women. There's no legal buffer zones outside clinic to prevent women being harassed by religious groups and Sister Supporter are actively campaigning to the Government to discuss this. 

My friend Keira cooked me the most amazing dinner. Fois gras, pasta, a pancake stack and loads of wine? Yes please!

And finally my friend Emily came to stay. I hadn't seen Emily since she before she left for Australia last January, so we were well overdue some cocktails and catch-ups (we had 16 hours of both, that led to a fierce hangover!)

I watched a couple of films this month. Arrival was one I missed the first time around but it appeared at my beloved Prince Charles Cinema, so I went along to see that with Martin and a ton of Maltesters. I really enjoyed it. There's a lack of smart sci-fi around which involves alien life (why does everyone assume they'd be hostile and looking for a gun fight?) and as the premise of this film was based in linguistics it really intrigued me and I wasn't disappointed. It's one I will be rewatching. 

T2: Trainspotting was an absolute delight. I cackled so much when I watched this film. It was so good to see the cast back together and I loved the plot of the film. Well worth the wait for a sequel so well done. 

Aside from making sure I keep a clear weekend to myself this month, my 2017 goals continue:  my swimming has been going well:

I'm enjoying my Great Barrier Reef challenge on SwimIO and can easily cover well over half a mile in 30 minutes, it's crazy how much my fitness has improved over 7 weeks. 

Oh, and I bought myself a bike as an early birthday present.

I can't wait to get out and about on this more during the warmer months. I've not owned a bike for well over a decade, so I've got to start slowly, getting my road confidence back up. Between the swimming and this my gym membership has been binned off, less outgoings mean more cash in the fun savings account.

March is a busy month because it's birthday month! My long wait to see Harry Potter & the Cursed Child is almost over. We also get International Women's Day, which I'll be celebrating by going to a book launch by someone I'm very excited to hear speak about feminism, I'm going to see some magic, I'm going to eat some cake, I'm going to do celebratory drinking. It's already looking like another great birthday.

The final thing I have to mention this month is the new addition to our knowledge of exoplanets; the Trappist-1 planetary system.

source: NASA


This might be the most exciting thing discovered in my lifetime. Seven planets orbiting a star and three in the Goldilocks zone. I cannot wait to find out more about this system, the planets within it and whatever those planets may be home host to. Life just got a little more sci-fi and a lot more exciting.
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